Friday, September 23, 2011


After 2 inches of rain before dawn this morning the skies cleared and sun shone brightly in the beautiful blue fall sky. Welcome Fall 2011, and on the first day of fall it feels like summer again with temperatures around 80 degrees this afternoon.
After chores and breakfast this morning I decided not to walk because of all the mud.
I baked an angel food cake for a special order and a couple chocolate and coconut layer cakes.
I am still moving a bit slow today with my legs being still sore and achy .
After lunch I headed up to work at church hoping to work out some of the soreness.
Back home about 3:30 to meet g-son while his mom does a photo shoot in Asheville.
We swung awhile ......or rather he swung and I pushed !!!Then we pretended we could hear the ocean as we lay in our new beach chair on the beach.
When Hubbie came home from work all 3 of us went to finish work at church. The music man from the contemporary church was there giving guitar lesson to a young man who had a younger sister and g-son made quick friends with her. He followed her all over while we worked and her brother played.
It is bothering me that I have to run a vacuum during these music lessons and even though they assure me I am not bothering them, it is bothering me. I feel very disrespectful to these young folks who are honing their musical skills.
When we got home g-son wanted waffles and chocolate milk for supper !!
D-in-love came to pick him up but he wanted to walk home on his own so hubbie followed to make sure he got there.
Daughter is helping her volleyball team serve a BBQ supper before the football game in a breast cancer fund raising effort tonight. They are having a "volley for the cure" tournament tomorrow also to raise money.
When she got home her and Hubbie took a couple things over to her house that she wants to paint because it will be easier to paint over there in her carport.
The young man from Lumber Liquidators who sold her the flooring came by her house to look at the floor we got down. I think he really came by to see daughter, but that's just me saying !!!!If I was a single young man I would definitely be checking her out !!One good thing about her working at school is she still gets her picture made each year.

While they were gone I did evening chores and watched the clouds roll back in tonight.The humidity of those hot summer days is back tonight as the humidity is 89% but so far at 11:00 we haven't gotten any more rain to add to the 2" of this morning.
Hopefully it won't be rainy tomorrow at Old Timey Day at market.
I have cakes to ice then an early bed time for an early morning.
God is always beside me even when I don't ask Him to be.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

You accomplish so much in a day!

Wonderful life-renewing rain, we were blessed to get some, too.