Friday, September 16, 2011


BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! It's a "jacket required" kinda morning !!!! After chores and breakfast I went on my walk. There wasn't a drop of dew this morning. As I walked I talked to God about a situation at church and I need His answer on what to do. My work time is conflicting with a music practice on Friday evenings. I am running out of times to vacuum when no one is there. I used to do it on Thursday nights,but a music practice moved all my cleaning into Friday and so I've been going in the morning and then hubbie and I go back after he gets off work and finish. Now there is a music practice on Friday night so there isn't anywhere else for me to go. I think it is wonderful for the church to be so busy and I've told the preacher to hire a daytime maintenance person but nothing has been done. So I'm turning to God for an answer.
I have taken care of our new sanctuary since it was first built and think of it as my pride and joy but maybe the best thing for the church is for me to step aside and they get someone during the daytime hours when there is nothing going on.

I stopped and watched this flock of crows in the neighbor's sod field as they searched for food and thought how wonderful their dependence on God is.

Dark thick clouds filled the sky today.
But the wind they forecast hasn't gotten here so the 50 degree air isn't that bad.
As I walked I saw a bright yellow spot off in the distance and at first thought it was a yellow bag, but as I got closer I discovered this beautiful bouquet of Yellow fall daisies.A bright spot on an otherwise dreary morning !!

I came back to the house and started baking. I baked 6 layers ,3 pound and 2 wine cakes before lunch.
I took several orders for caramel cakes this morning.
It is getting harder to predict how many cakes to bake . I probably should have made some more caramel cakes, but you never can tell.
After lunch I went to work at church, the pastor's 2 week vacation starts tomorrow.
He does the same thing we do, he rents a house at the beach and his 3 kids and their families visit with him and his mother during these 2 weeks.
Our pianist came to practice her music for Sunday just before I left, she is having the same problem I am trying to find time to practice.
It's a good thing for our church to be so busy !!!!
I met Hubbie over at the estate sale we always go to every couple weeks to see what she had this time. And for once I didn't buy a thing. Daughter went over after her practice and found a couple things she might get if they are still there Sunday when things are 1/2 price.
Hubbie and I went to work at church and the music practice was going on as usual. I told the man there that I was going to have to vacuum and he said I wouldn't bother him so we did our work while they practiced. Who knows maybe this is the answer.
For now it will have to work at least until pastor gets back. I feel I am being disrespectful of the young musicians who are practicing.
I came home and went to Home Depot with daughter to pick out her carpet and get it ordered. They are supposed to put it in Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
Her girl friend that now lives in Charlotte came by to visit when we got back home and helped her bake.
When I went up to shut the chickens up for the night I noticed a couple roosters who have been roosting outside in a lean-to that is in the lot were huddled together inside the big hen house with everyone else tonight. They are smarter than I thought they were.
I iced chocolate and coconut cakes when they finished.
It is midnight and I'm ready for bed. The temperature is already 51 degrees tonight.
May God's will done !!!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Fall is here too early for me. The garden is still producing and frost would be bad.

It is good that you are blessed with such a wonderful market for cakes.

The Lord does provide.