Tuesday, September 13, 2011


As I went through this routine day's chores, baking and icing cakes, doing laundry and cleaning house I couldn't help but be a little nostalgic about summer's passing. It started with my walk this morning as I saw all the sure signs of summer's end.Walnuts all over the ground under the trees.

Ripening poke berries waiting to be eaten by migrating birds.

Rose Hips starting to get their pretty red color.

Eleagnus Berries ripening.

Ripening Persimmons waiting to help fatten squirrels and birds for the cold winter months.

After a long morning and early afternoon of housework I sat outside soaking up some warm sunshine. I looked over at Annie fast asleep in the shade and thought how the lazy dog days of summer were fading fast.
Later in the afternoon g-son came to stay with me while his mom had a photo shoot and he wanted to play outside which continued to stir the nostalgic feelings within me.As I watched him play on the patio table..........


Ride his bike.........

And play in the grass with Annie ,I knew these things will soon be memories of the warmer days of summer 2011,just as the beauty of these butterflies will be.
Maybe the 7day forecast has something to do with my nostalgic mood today.
Friday when I'm dragging out the long pants and long sleeve shirts I'm sure I'll long for today and tomorrows 80 degree temps.
As the sun set today and I came inside after setting up Sadie a dog house on the front porch to snuggle in on the cooler nights and getting the new pullets to roost in the big hens house huddled together I'm still feeling like this summer has just been to short.
With the preoccupation of daughter's house purchase, #1 son's surgery, and the general business of my life it's no wonder that the summer has flown by. But the thankfulness I have in my heart for the successes of this summers forays far out weighs any sadness I might have for the passing of time.

Captured this Eastern Phoebe sitting on the fence as I walked. I had to do a really close up to ID it with it's fall color of yellow just starting to show on his belly.

I iced 6 more caramel cakes before bedtime tonight. Daughter came in late after a trip to Franklin,NC to play a volleyball game. Her JV team won but the varsity lost.

Thanking God tonight for those small daily happenings that make life spectacular !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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Peggy said...

I am so looking forward to fall and winter days. Love the beauty and slowness of the days. Tell your daughter I am glad they lost at least one game as they were playing against my grandchildren. LOL