Saturday, September 3, 2011


UHHHHH!!!!!!! Early alarm bells just ruin my morning !!!! But we knew if we didn't get to market early on this Saturday we would have to carry cakes a long way.
Hurried through chores and got the last of my cakes wrapped and away we went almost 1 1/2 hours earlier than usual. No trouble finding a parking spot near the door at this time of morning.
I'm not as sore as I thought I would be after all the work yesterday. Finally got my leg to stop hurting last night and have no signs of bites this morning,thank goodness !!!
Daughter got to market about an hour after we did with more of her cakes.
Hubbie bought corn and beans for our lunch tomorrow and headed for home. He is going to get started on the wall prep for painting at daughters today.
Daughter went up to the Apple festival early to get us this years t-shirts and she said it was just beginning to get crowded. Front left chest.
Large picture on back.
The only thing I don't like about this years shirt is there is no date. I don't know if this was a mistake or what,but years down the road I'm not going to know that the 65th year was 2011 !!
I will stitch the year on the mine.
We had a very busy day at market,I only have 1/2 of a blackberry wine cake left. There were a lot of people in the market all day and they were buying.Caught in a moment of deep concentration !!
It was a hot day 88 again and even hotter on the streets among the huge crowd.This is not my idea of fun,I say every year that someone needs to figure out a way to spread this thing out so you can at least get to the booths.Russ a friend of ours stirs his apple slushies. I had one of these today and it was delicious.
Hot weather caused more varieties to ripen early this year so the selection was very good .I was glad to get back out in the country this afternoon where the peace and quite felt sooooo good.
After a short break at home and checking on all the critters I headed over to help daughter and hubbie paint.
Hubbie had patched all the small holes in the sheet rock walls and was painting one of the extra bedroom ceilings. Daughter and I measured all the rooms so we can get an idea of flooring cost so she can decide what to go with.
She had a dinner invitation from some nearby neighbors and Hubbie and I came home to rest.
We ate supper and crashed. I feel like I could go to bed at 6:00 but I know if I did I would wake up about midnight and stay awake all night.
We made potato salad and slaw for lunch tomorrow to go with BBQ we have.
I was just thinking I should have bought stuff to make ice cream, the summers almost gone and we've only had homemade ice cream once,bummer !!!
A tropical storm formed yesterday in the gulf and is slated to drench us with flooding rains this coming week.From the looks of these maps this may be a very interesting week.Couple with a cold front heading this way along with 6-10" of rain and 25 mph winds the temperature will be 20 degrees cooler starting Monday.
Tiredness has got the best of me at 10:30 tonight and I'm headed to bath and bed.
Thanking God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well I know that you are glad this particular day is over. Glad you did so well though...

I used to love those kinds of festivals --but the older I get, the less I enjoy crowds---especially when it is so hot.

Knoxville got some great rain tonight ---but we missed it AGAIN... This is so frustrating. I just hope and pray that we get some of that tropical storm here. According to your map, we're kinda on the edge... I'll be so disgusted if we don't get anything... It's been a long and hot and DRY summer for us.


Gail said...

A successful but very full day.

Stay safe during the storm.