Monday, September 12, 2011


Up to start a busy day this morning. G-son was here at 7 am,thankfully Hubbie took him to school while I did morning chores. After breakfast Hubbie and I loaded up Flash, #2 son's Basset Hound to take him to the vet and get his rabies shot and some other things.#2 son hasn't had a day off for a couple weeks and Flash's rabies shot was due Saturday.
We put a harness on him which made him much easier to lead as he is a very stubborn dog.
We put him in a dog box in the back of the van and away we went.In the waiting room at the vet's office,everyone thought he was a beautiful dog.
His enjoyment of all the attention would be short lived. As they tried to clip his nails he wasn't going to have anybody hold him still and they gave up until I just started petting him and talking to him and he sat perfectly still while they clipped all his nails and gave him 2 shots.
Thankfully we had him in the dog box because he got sick on the way home from the excitement I'm sure.
When we got him home and settled we headed right back out to sign some papers at our insurance agents office before we picked up g-son.
He was thirsty and hungry so we were making a trip to shop at Sam's Club so he got his regular pizza lunch with Pawpaw while I shopped.
At home he played with his criscross crash race car set while Hubbie and I got the rest of my fall decorations out of the attic and put away all the summer decor.
Hubbie was off to bush hog the pastures and I worked around g-son's "wants" putting up decorations.
I got them all up, so I'm decorated once again for another 2 months at least.I wanted to take this fence down around the wood stove but #1 son is still afraid g-son will fall on the bricks.This old radio at the end of the hall makes a good picture and flower holder.

These are the newest additions ,bought at after season sales last year.The corn is a candle holder.

There is a horse collar under all these leaves.

Sunroom table decorated for September.

These sunflowers were given to me by a dear friend named Honey and I think of her each time I look at them.

This old milk can holds the back door fall welcome.

After g-son's mom picked him up I pulled weeds out of the patio and mulch beds in the back yard. Hubbie went over to daughter's house to prime the kitchen.
Daughter is floor shopping again this afternoon.I shook my head when I saw these 3 new choices because they are not even in the same ballpark with each other as far as color !!

She baked as soon as she got home and I started about 9:00 . I baked 46 layers tonight.
I ran out of time and will have to do the pound and wine cakes in the morning.
I'm listening to the news tonight and am amazed that the cartoon Sponge Bob Squarepants is the headliner story. Apparently someone had enough spare time to watch enough Sponge Bob to now say it is not good for your children because of the fast pace of the action. Nothing bad mind you just a fast paced action. Give me a break !!!

I am calling it a day at 11:45 .
Remember a day hemmed with prayer is less likely to unravel !!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Peggy said...

I need a nap! After reading about your busy day I too tired to start mine. LOL Have a wonderfully blessed day. Love your fall decorations

Gail said...

Decorations? I let my spiders do that!

I wish I had your energy.

NCmountainwoman said...

You have inspired me to get off the couch and put the fall things out.