Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I did not want to get out of the nice warm bed this morning. My 4-legged kids were snuggled in close to my side and seemed to have the same feelings.
Another dreary day but thankfully with some actual rain this morning, didn't help matters.
But with farm animals to feed and a day of busy housework and laundry to look forward to I reluctantly slid out from under those warm covers.
After chores and breakfast I tried to get some walking time in but the rain got heavier and I gave it up.
I iced 6 caramel cakes ,then got laundry started.
I advertised some Silkie roosters online in hopes of trimming my flock before cold weather sets in to give more room in the houses.
After a lunch of salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers it was back to housework and laundry. About 3:00 I was finished and ready for a break. Normally I would sit outside in the sunshine or under the covered patio but today with the dreary drizzle still going on and the mid 60's temperature I sat in the sunroom .
As I sat there I looked at the things I had bought at Sunday's estate sale and remembered I didn't make pictures so here's what I bought.
I added to my milk glass collection.
These eight wine gobblets plus.....
This large wedding compote dish that are in my humble opinion made by Indiana Glass and are their Colony Harvest grape pattern.

These eight footed water gobblets are a match to my Grape patterned Anchor Hocking things I already have.Such as this candy dish and sherbert gobblet.

And this large bowl.
There are so many milk glass manufacturers who have this almost exact pattern it is very hard to tell the pieces apart and there is no markings on any of them that I can find.
I just like the grape patterned white milk glass so I don't worry too much about who made it.Before I can add any more to my collection I will have to get a bigger cabinet to hold it.

Hubbie came home from work and we steamed green beans and broccoli for supper.
He headed over to daughter's house to work,she is gone to Brevard to coach volleyball.
I did my chores and moved some furniture around in the living room. There isn't much I can move but I wanted this pottery in there so I made room.I will get a dried arrangement to go in it Thursday.

The last thing I bought was this old hand stitched quilt for daughter,she is beginning her collecting just as I did.I iced 6 more caramel cakes tonight while everyone was gone.
Daughter got in from her game and hubbie came in about the same time. Her 2 spare bedrooms are now ready for the carpet which is supposed to be put in tomorrow.
Hubbie is taking a 1/2 day off work tomorrow so he and I can see if we can get started on her flooring.
This evening I checked the rain gauge and even after all the dreary drizzle today there was barely 1/10 of an inch in there. We're suppose to get more tomorrow so we'll see.
I love God and God loves me, God bless my family and God bless me !!!!
Good Night and God Bless you too.

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Julie Harward said...

Your collections is awesome and they look so cute in that cabinet! Love the quilt too!! :D