Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Wow,the coolness of the morning air feels great today. The clouds are still hanging around but for the most part Tropical storm Lee is history around here. We got another inch of rain over night,for a total of about 2 inches . Other places got as much as 10+ inches in the 48 hour period,thankful that wasn't us !
After chores I took a short walk around the garden and barns this morning enjoying the cool morning.
I need to do so much today I don't know where to start, so I'll just dive in and hope for the best.
I finished baking my pound and wine cakes while putting an Avon order online and gathering laundry.
I iced 6 caramel cakes before lunch.
#1 son brought g-son by as it is dry enough to pick apples again so he went to work and mom is filling in for someone who is sick at her dad's restaurant.
After lunch I started laundry and housecleaning while g-son followed to help with each task. He is getting big enough to actually help with some things.
We hung out a load of towels but they will probably have to hang over night because the sun has never came out for very long this afternoon.
D-in-love came to pick him up around 3 and I finished cleaning just before Hubbie got in from work.
We watched the news and had an all vegie supper again before chores.
I had to get a jacket for this evening's outside work for the first time since early last spring. The temperature stayed in the high 60's all day.

I just hope this weather holds, this is my favorite temperatures !!

Decade pics for September are more plentiful than for August at least as school pictures were made in September.This is me in 2nd grade in 1961.

10 years later and my senior picture made in September 1971.

Hubbie and I both are pretty beat tonight so we decided not to go to daughter's house and do anything else tonight.
Daughter had a volleyball game tonight and came in and did some baking.
I iced 6 more caramel cakes tonight.
Got everything on today's list done except getting out my fall decorations,maybe tomorrow !!
Grateful to God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Love the two pictures of you.. Awesome!!!!

We ended up with about 6 inches --but it came slowly and gradually... SO--no problems here...

Fire in the fireplace again tonight.. In the 50's again... Felt cold all day long.


Julie Harward said...

You were a beauty! I just put all my Fall up too and turned the furnace on this morning! ;D