Thursday, September 1, 2011


The "view from here" picture for September shows a hot humid hazy afternoon.Things are still green even with little rain as we begin this month.

A hurry up morning got me to market on time only to find the parking lot almost empty !!
I got set up with help from a couple neighbors helping carry things in for me.
Today was slow but with the big weekend coming up and the return of summer time heat it was to be expected.
Ahhhhh!!!! "The good ole summer time" !!!!
I left market and ran my regular errands ,then treated myself to a shopping trip to Belk's to their 80% off sale. I always hit this sale and today I found some really good deals. Not that I needed anything but I bought over $500 worth of things for less than $100,who can turn down deals like that !!! Now I'm set for next summer and only need to have a closet cleaning.
Yea!!! Yea !!!!! Yea !!!!! Finally !!!! While I was in the dressing room at Belk I got a call from daughter saying she was now a home owner.
With a 4:00 closing time today,this morning things started to unravel again with changes needed in the paperwork. Evidently the para-legal that was handling the paperwork was not very good at dealing with government agencies. But finally a little after 3:00 the call came through that everything was in order. The actual closing time was a record 11 minutes because so much paperwork had already been done.
She called tonight and they will turn the power on tomorrow for her and the work will begin !!!
Hubbie was already home when I got here and we got unloaded and then had a salad for supper.
I did the evening chores while Hubbie mowed the lawn.It is suppose to rain late this weekend so he didn't want it to get a growth spurt before he mowed.
I found our first figs from the tree near the garden.We've never gotten any before because the ants always beat us to them. But this year with the tree really loaded down with fruit I have been spreading Spectracide underneath the branches and around the trunk to discourage the ants and so far it's working.
Again tonight I tried to sit outside but the mosquitoes found me quickly and with the prayerful thoughts of the family in the county that lost a 8 year old daughter to encephalitis and have a 4 year old son in the the intensive care unit at Mission hospital suffering from the same thing I wasn't about to let them feast on me !!
It is hard to believe that this brother and sister both came down with this sickness at the same time and although the results are not final that was the diagnosis. SO,so sad, please pray for this family that lives in the Etowah community.

Daughter came in from the volleyball game happy about her house.
I baked 14 layers ,3 pound cakes and 2 wine cakes tonight. I dread Saturday, town will be so crowded and the roads will be dangerous.
Our county roads can't hold the usual traffic and when a festival the size of the Apple Festival comes to town it is utter chaos.
Thanking God for the blessings of today and praying for comfort for the family of the 8 year old girl.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats to your daughter... She will love it... AND--all of you will enjoy fixing it up just for her... That is awesome.

Still hot here and very very dry... We hope to get some rain from that system in the gulf... I hope so anyhow!!!!

Yes--we are watering the Roses constantly..

Gail said...

It has been a long haul for your daughter. I am so glad, the house is hers.

NCmountainwoman said...

Hope the Apple Festival brings in tons of folks. Have a good weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have never seen Figs must cook with them. Some people eat them..I have never had one that I know of..other than in Fig Newtons:)