Monday, September 5, 2011



G-son was here early today and he and Hubbie were eating chocolate cake for breakfast dessert when I got up. (he had eaten waffles before)
It has rained a little over night but this morning is only cloudy and just finished the feeding chores when the rain began falling heavily.
We needed to pick up some more ceiling paint so off we went to the paint store up town,right in the middle of the apple festival booths. Each year I cannot believe the city does this to this business. They set up food vendors in their parking lot leaving them only 2 spaces for their customers. But they must do enough business to warrant fighting the traffic year after year.
After we got the paint we stopped at Belk's as Hubbie needed some new dress pants. G-son behaved himself very well even while I tried on a couple things.
We also found some new bed pillows at 50% off so our trip was doubly successful.
By now it was pouring rain so we got home and ate lunch,#1 son came in from work, you can't pick apples in the rain so he and g-son went home.
Daughter, Hubbie , #2 son and I headed over to her house for an afternoon of painting.We picked up paint samples so daughter could compare floor samples and wall colors.
I had already warned her this is one of the hardest parts of remodeling.

She and I covered the walls in the living room and dining room with primer to cover all the nastiness on the walls.

Hubbie patched all the nail and other holes in the walls before they get primed. I'll be glad when this lime green wall is covered.

Luckily for daughter very tall #2 son finished most of her ceilings for her today. He will be sore tomorrow for sure.
We worked all afternoon until 6:30 while it rained off and on all day.At times it rained so hard it almost whited out the distant mountains .

I can't wait until the leaves turn their bright fall colors in this view from daughter's front porch.
We did evening chores in the pouring rain when we got home and then had yesterday's leftovers for supper.
I have paint spots all over me as evidence to how hard I worked today. But it was well worth it as we got a lot done. The ceiling is finished in the 2 extra bedrooms,the living room,dining room,kitchen,laundry room,hallways and closets. The walls are primed and ready for paint in the living room ,dining room and 1 hall way.
The decision has been made on paint colors,laminate flooring and carpet. Home Depot is sending a man Wednesday to measure for a final estimate.
Even in the rain the Apple Festival Labor Day parade went on as scheduled.Under umbrellas, ponchos and some floats had obviously quickly constructed roofs over them the parade can add another year to its record of going on rain or shine.These photos were from the local media website,as I did not stand in the rain to see a parade !!
When I checked the rain gauge after chores this evening it only had a little more than an inch in it and the temperature has hovered around 70 all day making for a cool,damp day. But one that was dearly needed !!!! Thank you Lord, you could almost hear the dry soil slurping up the welcome cool drink.
After I took a short rest break I baked 46 cake layers before I ran out of energy and am ready to fall into bed but first I need to scrub this paint off me !!
Thanking God for the blessing of a wonderful family and a healthy body and mind.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well--since we've had no rain since the end of June, we welcomed the rain this week. We ended up with about 5 1/2 inches this time... No flooding here though since we are up high...

AND--it's gotten very cool.. Temps were in the 50's last night so we lit a fire in the fireplace. Felt good!!!!

Glad your daughter has so much help. You all will have that house in great shape before long. Glad the entire family can help. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hope today is great for you.

han smith said...

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