Monday, September 26, 2011


G-son was here early today and when he and hubbie left for for pre-school I did the morning chores and was just finishing breakfast when hubbie got back home.
Last week he had promised to help some with the housework today so I could help him again this Wednesday.
We cleaned all the floors well and he cleaned his shower stall,I call it that because in the bathroom that joins our bedroom we only have a shower stall so since I usually take baths in the other bathroom's tub and all the kids are gone he has made that bathroom his.
We went to pick up g-son ,last week he fussed because we came early and he was having so much fun with his friends.He was doing a great job jumping rope.Love all these smiles,what great memories !!! I had actually forgot about these pics until I took more today.
So today when we got there to pick him up we waited until all the other parents and grandparents got there.We watched them take turns pushing each other on this tire swing. Note no jackets today as the temperature got to a sunny 78.

On the way home we made an Avon delivery ,stopped at Sam's Club for lunch and Walmart for a birthday present for one of my great nephews, who will be having his one year old birthday party on this Sunday, and a few other things we needed.
At home I made some business phone calls while hubbie and g-son played.
We went outside where I swept off all the porches and patio and knocked down all the fall time cobwebs. There are already a lot of leaves on the ground and blowing around in today's winds. I moved a couple plants around and enjoyed the brisk cool breeze for a while as g-son swung.
Hubbie and I decided to go work awhile at church as Monday nights seem to be the only open evening for us to work.
When d-in-love came to pick up g-son he asked her if he could go with us and she said yes.In case you don't know, tongues are required for imaginary concerts !

He said he was playing God's song.
He is getting so big and so smart about things,sometimes he catches me totally off guard when he asked me questions about things.
We came home where daughter was here fixing her special chili for supper. G-son just wanted some chicken fries and chocolate milk.
After we ate he walked home with Pawpaw following.
The weather started to look nasty tonight as thunder rumbled and lightening flashed completely lighting up the night sky. Thankfully the storms dyed down before they got to us and we only got rain,I'll check the gauge in the morning. A cold front is moving through tonight and is going to drop our temperatures again to below normal. But that's no surprise as we have been either above or below normal for almost this entire year.
I baked 26 layers tonight as well as a pound and a wine cake. It is midnight and I'm waiting for the last one to come out of the oven.

Grateful to God tonight as he is my rock each day as I strive to glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, That grandson is growing up so fast. Looks like he is enjoying life to its fullest.

We finally got some rain yesterday (less than 1/2 an inch--but some)... It was nice --and then got much cooler. Had a fire in the fireplace last night...

Have a great day.