Saturday, September 24, 2011


My old timey outfit for this year. With the weather nice and 70 degree temperature predicted I figured this long skirt might not get too hot today.

Up an extra hour early this morning so I could get a good parking spot close to the door to unload.
The parking lot was full anyway by the time Hubbie and I got there. Luckily as I wondered where I was going to park a lady came out and vacated a spot right next to the door,how lucky was that !!!
Got everything all set up and ready for a big day with all the people that were there.

Hubbie went to work cooking ham on the old wood cook stoves set up outside.

The weather was perfect and the early morning crowd was enjoying the home made breakfast.

The music was good and everyone was enjoying visiting with each other.

There were old tractors and other displays that I didn't get a chance to check out today as daughter is usually here to take turns running our booth but she is at her volley for the cure tournament so I had to stay close to the booth all day.
There was a large crowd all day and I had a very good day of sales.
Market is so pretty this time of year with all the fall decorations for sale.
I try to decorate my table for the season.I had this table completely full earlier.
My neighbor brought these huge Mammoth Sunflower heads in to sell today.
After market I came straight home and changed clothes as I am not cut out for long skirts and bonnets. That type dress would take some getting used to,I kept stepping on the hem of my skirt.
Hubbie and daughter were at her house painting. Painting is not my thing and you don't really want me painting in your house !!
So I washed out all the chicken waterers and feeders and pulled weeds from the garden for them.
I took a long walk this evening to try and get some of the soreness out of my upper legs.
It is a very nice evening after temperatures got up to 78 degrees today it has really cooled off for the evening.
Hubbie came home and said they got the living room,dining room and kitchen totally painted.
Daughter has gone to Lowes and Home Depot to buy blinds for the windows and door.
We spent a welcome lazy Saturday night. My 4-legged kids think this is wonderful to lay under the afghan on the couch with mama.
We have nursery duty tomorrow at church.
Thanking God for blessing me with good business today as well as an idea for my work at church.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

Looks like a great crowd. I love your bonnet.

Rita said...

Carolina nana, I read your blog faithfully. You work so much and yet enjoy it. I'd love to have one of your Caramel cakes. Yum! The market is just such a wonderful place. So many people to enjoy and nice crafts and flowers to buy. I wish you were my sister or my friend. My family members have passed on so my daughter and I have started taking a few trips. We live in Indiana and just a few days ago we visited Kidron (Lehman's) and Sugar Creek Ohio. It it an Amish area and such a nice short vacation we had. (3 days) Maybe sometime a visit to the Carolina's. I'd love to meet you and buy a cake on Market Day. Best to you.