Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ahhhh!!!! I love relaxing Sunday mornings !! This is the one day that my morning is gloriously unhurried,well almost all Sundays!
As I started out the door in my pj's to do the chores like I've been doing all summer,I really got woke up,whew!!!
Back inside to put my cover-alls on today.
After chores I had a breakfast bar and hot tea before getting ready for church. I feel guilty for not going to Sunday School most Sundays.
Today our young associate pastor delivered the message as our regular pastor is on vacation. He did a good job and it sure was short and sweet.
Two young ladies joined our church today.
This makes about 3 Sundays in a row that we have added members,may the glory be all God's !!
After church we had BBQ for lunch since we forgot to put a pork roast in the crock pot last night. We had fresh green beans ,fried squash and okra and baked potatoes to go with it. I know the garden veggies are soon going to be coming to an end but they sure are good.
After lunch we went over to the estate sale to pick up daughter's furniture she bought yesterday. I of course found several 1/2 price items I couldn't resist. Pictures coming soon of my purchases.
We delivered the furniture to her house and then headed to Lumber Liquidators to pick up her flooring. We got there 10 minutes before they closed but the young guy was glad to see daughter and didn't mind the over time to load her flooring for us. He did a lot of talking and we found out he had bought a foreclosed home also and fixed it up.
I saw some tiny sparks between him and daughter but don't tell her I said that !!!!!
We got the floor back to her house and #2 son met us there and helped unload and place around inside the house. It has to sit in there 72 hours before you can put it down.
Then we headed to Home Depot for some mosaic glass tiles she wants to put above the splash guard around her kitchen counter.
We made it home at 7:00,whew what a whirlwind afternoon. After chores and a small supper it was relaxing time.
The next 2 weeks are going to be busy ones for me with all the extra work coming my way. This week especially with old timey day coming Saturday.
I don't know where the nice sunny mid 70's day went today but it didn't come here as the clouds hung thick all day and the temperature stayed in the mid 60's.

God rest your love upon this door
And bless this home forever more

Good Night and God bless

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Gail said...

Sounds like much success and I can hear the joy in your voice.