Thursday, September 8, 2011


Whew !!!, What a day !!
Some days are just hectic and sometimes I can't even figure out why.
Today started off routinely with chores and getting ready to go to market,even got there a few minutes early.
It actually was a slow day for customers today, I didn't sell even 1/2 of what I had taken but I still did not get a chance to sit down and even open my laptop. Seems like there was some one talking to me or something going on all morning. By the time 2:00 rolled around and I was loaded back up I was pooped.
I ran my errands and headed home with only a couple extra stops. I started unloading and Hubbie came in and helped me finish.
He asked me what I wanted for supper and I said a rest on the couch was all I wanted for a while. That is exactly what I did, I napped on and off until he left to go over to daughter's and paint. I got up, ate some cheese and chips,which is definitely not a healthy supper and then went out to do the chores.
Today has been another cloudy day with temperatures only getting to 71 but this evening I see some blue sky trying to peek through the clouds.
I sat outside for a little while enjoying the sounds of a late summer evening.
Daughter came in from her volleyball game and hubbie came back about the same time. Daughter got the estimate for putting her floor down from Home Depot and there were all these extra charges so we are back to looking for floor again. As her luck would have it Lumber Liquidators has bamboo on sale this week for less than 1/2 the price of HD.
Hubbie is headed over there tomorrow to get a sample and talk to the guy about installation.
I am baking tonight, only 8 layers, 3 pound ,1 wine and a chocolate pound cake for an event at church Saturday.
Speaking of hectic look at this current map of the tropics.When Hubbie saw this on the weather tonight he looked at me and said there might not be a beach trip this year !! I'm sure not making any advance reservations.

We have already had 14 named storms this season and just think this is only the beginning of September which really starts the active season.Here are the names and paths of the 14 storms already in the history of 2011's hurricane season.
A lot of folks are still dealing with the effects of hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee.

I am headed for a little earlier bedtime tonight to see if I can sleep off this extra tired feeling I have.
Praising God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless

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NCmountainwoman said...

Hope you are able to catch up on your rest this weekend. Isn't this cooler weather great!