Sunday, September 4, 2011


Up and out to chores before church this morning. The clouds from tropical storm Lee are here already but no rain yet.
Had a good church service this morning and a good BBQ lunch afterward. Daughter,#1 son and g-son were here. #2 son is golfing and d-in-love is working.
After lunch daughter and I headed over to Lumber Liquidators ,Lowes and Home Depot to check out flooring for her house. Hubbie had a Deacon's meeting that he knew would take most of the afternoon.
So far Home Depot won the price war with a total house laminate installation price of $397 and$37 total carpet installation. Now she just has to pick the color and type she wants.
We took the samples over tonight and layed them on the floor. Home depot is sending a man to measure and give us a final price Wednesday.
When we got home tonight I had to put my feet up to stop the throbbing in my legs. I'm not used to all this standing on concrete floors.
Watching the weather tonight doesn't look like we'll be doing anything outside tomorrow. No rain is falling yet at 10:30 tonight but we are already under a flash flood watch.
The rainfall amount predictions vary with each weather person you listen to,but they all agree we are going to get a generous dousing. I just hope it comes at a moderate pace so the parched ground will have the opportunity to soak up most of it.
There were places in Louisiana that got 15 inches of rain as this storm came ashore.
Our rain is suppose to begin around midnight.
Off tonight to give doggie baths before I get mine. I'll sleep well again tonight ! That's one advantage to all this extra activity , I fall into bed and right to sleep at night.
Hope everyone has a glorious Labor Day tomorrow.
God is ever loving and caring !
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

May your rain be slow and steady and the winds gentle.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great deal on flooring... We don't have a Home Depot near---so Lowe's is "it" for us!!!! They do say that they will be any other's prices...

I'm sure you will all enjoy the 'new' home --once she gets it all fixed up...

We already have had 3 inches. Yeah Rah!!!! We needed it so so so so badly... AND---we should be getting more and more this week... The other news is our low temp's.. It's in the 60's here today!!!! Love it.


NCmountainwoman said...

So lucky that you and your husband are so handy and so hard working!

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