Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As I did chores this morning I decided to check out the unhatched eggs under the 2 still patiently waiting silkie hens. Sad to say when I gently shook the first egg I heard a thud inside as if the insides were solidified. Just to make sure I tossed the egg against a tree and watched the yellow yolk splatter. Not good news for mama hens. Out of the entire dozen eggs I found only 2 that didn't have that thud inside.
Back inside I called our local Tractor supply to make sure they still had some chicks.
Enter 8 Production Red straight run peepers.  I gave 5 to one of the hens and 3 to the other one plus the 2 eggs that didn't have the thud in them.
As I poked the little peepers under their new mama's the hens seemed to sigh in relief that they finally had some reward for all their patient setting. I have checked them several times during the day and am surprised that some of them don't seem to have the natural instinct to go under the hen for warmth. There is no light in these boxes so they will have to depend on mama to keep them warm. I made sure they were under the hens tonight. I'm sure they will get the idea in a couple days.
I cleaned floors and porches today as well as cleaned around the wood stove downstairs in hopes that it won't need to be used again until next fall. I also moved some plants outside that have been wintering inside. Just as sure as I did all these things I noticed some 30 degree temps in the extended forecast tonight !!!
I found time to walk and enjoy the hazy sunshine today in the 68 degree temperature.
My first Azalea has burst into bloom almost over night.
Some more bright orange tulips have decided to show their colors this year.

As I stooped over to pull these little guys up out of my mulched beds I couldn't bring myself to destroy these pretty little yellow flowers with the heart shaped leaves. As I looked them up tonight and saw the price they sold for in some nurseries I was even gladder that I let them adorn my beds. They are called Oxalis Zinfindel and some had a price of $3-$4 each.   Pricy weeds !!!

The first apple blooms have burst forth on my trees.

We have several Redbud trees around our farm and they are really something to behold this time of year. They look like pink clouds.

I invaded the attic this evening to get my Easter decoration down to check out what I have and if I need anything else. I found in a box some really old Easter crafts from the kids elementary school days. It was a good reflective time.
When hubbie got home from work we went over to a neighbors house to pick up a pier cart her husband who recently passed away wanted hubbie to have.  Hubbie was very touched last Sunday at church when she told him to come get it because Howard had wanted him to have it. Howard died from cancer that quickly spread from his leg at only 66 years old. God rest his soul.
After leaving her house we went to wally world to pick up daughter's house warming gift.
This color perfectly matches the accents she has in her dining room and kitchen.
 Then we headed to Sam's Club to pick up a few things. We got all our errands done for the week in one evening.
A breeze was blowing when we got home and it felt like summer outside. This low humidity weather is keeping firefighters busy around here.
Yesterday a campfire that wasn't properly put out caused a fire in the Mill's River area that almost burned 2 homes.
This was some pics from the news station.

 This is how close it came to one of the houses !! The firemen did a great job of saving the homes.
Today there was a house fire near the same area started by a malfunctioning electric blanket that caused another brush fire.

 The fires both spread amazingly fast with these dry breezes we have going on.
I hope people take precautions with any type fires right now.
I worked on weekly paperwork tonight after we watched Survivor on TV.
Feeling wonderfully blessed tonight after a rewarding day.
Good Night and God Bless.


knancy said...

The colors of your daughter's kitchen cookware are lovely. I have not seen this color as a kitchen color before, but I don't get out very often. Would love to see her entire kitchen with these lovely colors.

Hope the new chicks stay warm and find they have good mommas.

Gail said...

Fires are scary...people thing because it's spring, it's okay to burn and clean without a thought, here, to wind or the dryness.

Like the kitchen set.

Anonymous said...