Friday, March 16, 2012


The rain gauge only had about 1/10th inch of rain from the passing storms last night.
I didn't feel great this morning, something I ate yesterday did not digest and is still bothering me today.
I took a long leisurely walk hoping that would help . As I walked and enjoyed the spring wild flower colors I snapped these photos and as I look at the beautiful detail in each of these blossoms I wonder how in the world anyone can look at these artistic wonders and ever doubt that their is a God and an awesome creator who has each petal numbered.

 Note the little bug getting a breakfast of nector in this violet.
My walk and talk with our loving Savior made me feel much better and revived my spirit to begin a busy Friday.
I picked up g-son from pre-school and we came home for lunch. The sun is in and out today but the temperature is in the 70's already in the early afternoon.
I baked 20 layers for cakes along with a pound and wine cake. Then I tried some special St. Patricks day recipes that I looked up.  I made some Irish Soda bread that looks really good.
When hubbie came home he wanted me to make us one to eat as he had never had Irish Soda bread.
I also made some Blarney Stone cookies , these get their color from pistachio pudding mix and are delicious.
They also have butterscotch chips and walnuts along with vanilla and almond flavoring, yummy !!
After my baking was finished g-son and I went outside to play and tell made up stories until the thunder got to close for comfort and we had to come in.
I needed to work on a sewing machine that I had brought home from market so g-son went downstairs to exercise on the equipment while I replaced the broken needle holder. He was enjoying himself so much that I also got some sewing in while we were down there. I made these 2 medium sized bonnets.

I had a very successful day after a shaky start this morning.
I have thought about where I can work some sewing time into each day and originally thought the morning would be a good time but my mornings are pretty tied up with chores,breakfast,daily Bible reading and walks before picking up g-son at 11:40.  I couldn't find any extra time without getting up earlier,which didn't sound good !!  So the late afternoon around 4:00 will be my sewing time for  awhile.  The waiting for a rainy day wasn't getting anything done so with a time slot in my daily "to  dos" hopefully I'll get some things made.
This evening was another stormy one and today's storms got closer and stronger than yesterday's. By chore time there was already 3/10ths inch in the rain gauge and still sprinkling. As we ate supper  we watched the lightening flash continually across the sky but the thunder became more and more distant.
I iced 6 caramel,3 chocolate,1 coconut cake tonight then made 2 more Irish Soda breads.
While I sewed this afternoon I watched UNC win their NCAA round 1 tournament game and while I iced cakes tonight I watched Duke lose their round 1 game. Duke does not play as a team this year like the teams in the past did so I wasn't surprised they didn't go far in the tournament but I didn't expect them to loose their first game !
It is almost midnight so I'm outta here !!!!
Giving God all the glory for my day and all that I got done. He is an awesome creator and Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.


gg said...

What beautiful flowers,their colors are so vivid. I'm still looking at snow and mud!This is such a dirty time of year.t
The sunbonnets are so pretty,wish Icould sew!The most of my sewing is quilts.Have a wonderful weekend.

Jean said...

Pretty flowers and yummy baked goods...makes a great combo.

Happy St Paddy's Day Nana!!!