Sunday, March 25, 2012


A cooler ,cloudy morning greeted me as I hurried through chores before church today.
Church was good, we had 2 people join and our youth leader sang a couple songs as he played the guitar accompanied by d-in-love on her violin and , man can this young man sing !!!
Daughter was absent from our lunch today as she and her b-friend have gone to see "The Hunger Games" movie that is so popular right now.
We had a relaxing afternoon as #2 son went home to do laundry, #1 son went to Lowes, d-in-love napped on the couch while hubbie and g-son created Lincoln Log structures and I sat in the sunroom and caught up on my magazines.
After everyone left hubbie and I watched our last basketball game of the season as our Tarheels lost their elite 8  game to Kansas. At least it was a good close game.
It has been a dreary cool day, 63 degree temperature feels uncomfortable after all the mid to upper 70 degree days we've been having.
I stopped doing my view from here photos this year but today as I looked down over #2 son's house with the Redbud tree blooms and the willow just turning green I thought I'd post this one and maybe just do a seasonal view from here this year.
It is definitely spring in this photo !
 All the cloudiness of the day made for a beautiful sunset this evening.

After a short exercise session tonight I spent the evening on the couch cuddled with my 4-legged kids.
God is so good all the time, all the time God is good.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

We've had a cook weekend, Marilyn. The rains finally left us yesterday --and today was nice although breezy and cool. It is supposed to warm up this week though.

That is a gorgeous view from your house down to your No. 2's son's house... That Red Bud just lights up everything.

So sorry that UNC lost today. I wanted them to win and was surprised that they didn't...

Have a great upcoming week.