Thursday, March 22, 2012


Clouds had taken over the sky this morning but the temperature still reached mid 70's before the afternoon was over.
When I fed this morning I noticed the two groups of chicks had moved closer together since there is only one light in the box maybe they got acquainted while keeping warm last night.
Another red silkie has started to set. When I picked my Avon order up at my friend's house today her husband gave me another dozen green eggs that he was going to throw away because they couldn't use them. So the latest little red setter received 6 green eggs this afternoon. That makes 4 hens setting, 3 of them on the green eggs from my friends. I hope at least some of them hatch so these girls won't totally waste their time. He has a bunch of free range hens and only one rooster.
Walmart had some really nice ferns today so while I was there I bought this one. They were $10 each so I could only afford one today. Maybe next week I can get another. I need 4 to hang outside my sunroom.

I have one fern like this that I have kept inside for the last 2 winters and it looks good again this year so I'll need to buy 2 more .
After lunch with all the cloudiness outside I got in the mood to sew (at last) !!
Before my shoulder pain got the best of the sewing mood I got 5 large bonnets and 1 baby bonnet finished.
With Easter getting close I really need to get some more baby bonnets finished.
My box full of cut-outs is getting smaller , slowly but surely !!
I decided to work with our plants a while to let my shoulders loosen up.
I took out all the extra seedlings leaving only 1 or 2 in each little pot. This always seems like such a waste to me but it has to be done to avoid overcrowding. Some of the ones that I pulled out that had the best root systems I replanted in pots of their own.
By the time hubbie got home from work it was sprinkling rain. We sat out in the sunroom listening to the rain hitting the metal roof . All at once there was a loud tire screeching sound,we listened for the crash but it never came. Almost immediately the dispatcher on the scanner called fire and rescue to a wreck on our road at my brother's driveway. As we held our breath hoping it wasn't any of our family involved I called my sis-in-law and she said none of them were involved. My nephew was stopped waiting on oncoming traffic so he could turn into their drive with a couple cars behind him when a speeding car slammed into the line of stopped cars. He was able to get turned to avoid being involved.
One of the folks in one of the other cars went to the hospital with neck injuries. No one knew what the young man was doing that caused him not to see the stopped traffic as the road is straight up there.
Hopefully no one got hurt badly.
After chores and as the rain stopped my 4-legged kids and I took a break in a rocking chair on the front porch.

Anytime I'm sitting down these 2 are usually either in my lap or scooted down beside me in the chair.
Hubbie isn't feeling well this evening I hope he isn't getting sick with all the stuff that is going around right now.
This stuff is playing havoc with everyone's sinus this year.

 I woke up with a yucky feeling in my stomach again this morning and after being outside yesterday I think I had sinus drainage overnight. Lately on several mornings I have had this feeling when I first get up but when I eat I am fine.
Watched a little March madness b-ball tonight,no one we really pull for but they were good games.
At this time of year we as Christians get ready to celebrate one of the worst happenings in our faith as well as one of the greatest in the crucifiction of our Savoir and His joyful rising from the grave. I can't imagine the sorrow God must have felt as He gave His only begotten Son to save all mankind from their sins. Thank you Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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