Monday, March 26, 2012


Born on this day in 1985 I finally got the daughter I so desperately hoped and prayed for.

And these 2 guys were up for the big brothering jobs then and they still are today !!!    I just can't believe it has been 27 years since the day she was born.

G-son was here extra early this morning as mom and dad had to be at work by 7:30. Hubbie got up with him while I slept longer as I didn't sleep well with my stopped up nose again last night.
While hubbie took him to pre-school I did chores. I am looking for the first batch of green eggs from my friend to start hatching as today has been 21 days.  But no little peepers yet, I don't know what I'll do if none of the eggs hatch after these poor hens have spent 3 long weeks setting on them !!
Hubbie came home and tilled the garden this morning. It is a beautiful day but a little cooler than it has been especially with the brisk breeze that we have. The high today was 65 degrees and tonight we are headed for 40 degrees a significant change from the last several weeks !!
Hubbie had a routine cleaning at the dentist today so while he was there I picked up g-son and took him to Walmart to buy another set of Lincoln Logs.
More building materials mean deeper concentration requirements !!!
Maybe we have a future architect on our hands.
 Mom came about 4:30 to take him to karati  class which he was excited about but made us promise to leave his structures just as they were so he could finish them tomorrow !!
Hubbie came in from working at church to finish the job he started Saturday and we planted our early veggies.
Red and kennebec potatoes, lettuce, radishes, kohlrabi, spinach, leeks,peas, kale ,swiss chard and  cabbage plants.The waxing moon on this date is great for planting above ground crops but we went ahead with even the root crops because there is not another wanning moon phase until the middle of next month. If they don't do well we'll know why !!
We use strings to help keep our rows straight.

YUM,YUM I can't wait for the first fresh vegetables of the year !!!
After a nice evening walk we sat for a while in the covered patio until the wind made it uncomfortably cool. These tulips thought the evening was a bit cool also as their blooms were more closed tonight than they were earlier in the day.
They were enjoying the warm sunshine about 3:00 this afternoon.
 This was about 7:00 this evening as they hugged their petals closer together.
Everything will do a little shivering at 40 degrees tonight !!!
After snacking for supper we took  the rest of the potato sets and gave them to my brother and I checked for chicks again with still no luck.
After exercises and relaxing for a while I am blogging early to get to bed on a new schedule to see if that helps me sleep better.
Grateful to God for the wonderful blessed day He gave me today and for the strength He gives me everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Can you believe that your baby is 27???? They do grow up so fast. My baby will be 41 in May!!!!! Yipes...

Great pictures of your grandson.. He's a smart little boy...

Glad you are getting your garden going... Seems like just a few weeks ago when you were still eating things from the garden... Crazy winter this year for sure.

Have a great day.