Tuesday, March 20, 2012


First day of spring 2012 was greeted with upper 70's temperatures and sunshine  this morning but ended on a very different note.
After chores and a routine housework and laundry Tuesday morning I picked up g-son at pre-school.
I had checked on daughter earlier and she was home from work today but feeling some better.
She came by for a while and entertained g-son while I worked. She had a doctor's appointment at 3:30 to check for strep throat.
G-son tagged along on a cake delivery this afternoon and got rewarded for good behavior with a small slinky to play with as we shopped after the delivery.
Daughter called and said she has viral pharengitis (whatever the heck that is ?) .
When g-son and I got home from the delivery he headed home by walking across the hill which he loves to do all by himself.
After he left I finished up laundry and noticed the sky was getting pretty dark.

Hubbie got home from work and quickly hopped on the tractor to plow and disk our garden to get ready for our early plantings before the soil got to wet to plow again.

He barely got the disk unhooked and the tractor in the shed when the skies opened up and the huge raindrops pelted down.
Thunder and lightening and wind accompanied the hard rain but as we watched the clouds roll by we realized we were fortunate as we were on the edge of this storm as it moved slightly north of us.
As the storm subsided after about an hour the color of the sky was beautiful.

On the news tonight the northern part of our county received flooding rains and marble size hail.
We knew it had probably hailed somewhere by the redness of the sky that lingered long after sunset.

I feel so sorry for a couple of my 4-legged kids as Sadie, the tri-colored Aussie is terribly afraid and runs continually from front porch to back steps getting soaked  and Bernie the little Havanese that stays inside just wants to hide his head and be held while he shakes violently with each clap of thunder.
Then there is Annie, the red merle Aussie and Dolly the poodle who totally ignore the whole thing.
I've always wondered why some dogs have such a fear and others have no fear of the storm.
I had a salad supper before my exercise time tonight.
Earthquake in Mexico, gale force winds in New Zealand, tornadoes in Texas, 2 feet of snow in Arizona,wondering what the rest of this spring has in store for us.
Remembering God's promise makes it all less frightening.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful rainbow... We heard the thunder from that rain you got tonight --late this afternoon. But--the rains went south of us...I'm glad. We have had SO much rain lately.. You did get some great photos after your storm.

Hope your daughter feels better soon. I've had some kind of 'crud' the past week or so.. I didn't go to the doctor --but probably should have. I am better now though.


Anonymous said...