Monday, March 19, 2012


No g-son early this morning was strange. His mom is quitting her Monday restaurant job so she took him to school today.
Hubbie was already gone anyway when I got up to get a haircut. I did the morning chores and had a waffle for breakfast with some tea as my stomach is a little queezy again today.
After his haircut he came by and picked up a coupon and went over to GB Shoes to get a new pair of tennis shoes to wear to work. His heel has been hurting for a while now and is starting to get a little better so he wanted new more supportive shoes.
I got all my morning routine done before he got back and then we headed out to pick g-son up from pre-school.
We stopped at Ingles and picked up a few things before we headed home for lunch.
G-son was excited today because he gets his first karate lesson this afternoon. A friend at church wanted to take the lessons and he wanted g-son to go with him.
He tells Pawpaw all about it as we sat outside on this summer like 78 degree afternoon.

It was hard to find things to do to make the time pass until lesson time !!

The garden soil is a little wet today to plow but we did get our potatoes cut so they could heal a couple days before planting. Here are some of the red potatoes we will plant. We also plant kennebecs left over from last year's potato harvest.
Today's hot sunshine will heal them in no time !!
D-in-love came early to take g-son to karate and he was sure ready to go.
Talked to her after the lesson and she said he had a good time and enjoyed the activities.
Hubbie went to help #1 son move some furniture around and I went on a long walk this evening. There is so much pretty color already and spring is only beginning tomorrow.
                                                                    Almond Bush

                                                The Redbuds are putting on a show already.

                                                    Pear trees are  blooming early.

  My Money plant is starting to bloom in a very strange way as it is only about 6" tall and I even noticed this white bloom among all the purple ones.

The Forsythia is so pretty around my sewing shop below the house.

This weather is so nice and as of midnight tonight our "non existent" winter is history as spring 2012 begins.  It has been a strange year so far with some good things and some not so good things. I wish we would have had some snow, I love snowfall, it's as if God throws a huge white blanket over everything and there is an awesome peaceful quiet that takes over. I wish we would have had some cold temperatures, enough to hamper the insect population. I would have liked not to have had to worry about the severe thunder and lightening storms or tornadoes for a while yet.  On the flip side .
I love the warm temperatures and being able to sit outside in the warm sunshine earlier than usual. I love the grass getting green and growing earlier to be able to stop feeding hay to the cattle earlier. I always love all the spring flowers no matter what time of year they show up. Putting away the heavy coats and snow boots early is definitely on my plus list as I have never liked to bundle up in extra clothing.
Tonight hubbie and I had a relaxing restful evening after exercising . Daughter called and said she isn't feeling well at all tonight, she thinks she might have strep throat as she has a low grade fever,a sore throat and is achy all over.
#2 son stayed home from work today to get back on a regular diet and get his strength back before he goes back to work tomorrow.
God is in control and I'm thankful to rest in His reassurance as I go through my days.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

We finally had a couple of days without RAIN here... George mowed today --and we both worked in the yard most of the day.

Yes--this March has been wonderful (except for the storms). Even though it feels like Summer now instead of Spring, it sure is wonderful...

Enjoy it also.

gg said...

Snowball looks wonderful for being a very old granny!Amazing.What is this thing called rain!We had gorgeous weather but now it's cold again, a few snowflakes and the sun once in a blue! I did see a Canada Goose yesterday, wanted to hug it, it's a very good sign!