Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Another cooler 45 degree morning is feeling more like March. After chores and still no hatched chicks I took a long walk in the crisp morning air.
This patch of Blue Violets caught my attention, I think Violets are really pretty with their little blossoms poking up through the bed of dark green leaves.
This wild Mustard is in bloom very early this year.
As is this  Fleabane Daisy. In olden times folks actually stuffed their mattresses with these little flowers to keep fleas away ,hence the name.

I picked up g-son from pre-school and we stopped by the local meat market for some Boston Butts for smoking this weekend.
They had poured some ice out of their coolers against the side of the building and g-son wanted to make snowballs !
I guess he missed any snow fall fun this year also !
We came home and had lunch ,then he tackled his Lincoln Logs while I did laundry and cleaned house.
About mid afternoon I finished my work so we headed outside in the warm sunshine, 66 degrees. The wind has died down so the sun feels good today.
I enjoy my time with him as he is growing up so fast and is asking harder and harder questions to answer.  We sit in the firepit patio and pretend we are gazing into a fire and tell made up stories.
It is a chance for him to let his imagination run wild and believe me he does and I really enjoy it.
Hubbie and daughter are loading a pile of composted cow manure in his truck to haul over to her house to fill her raised beds.
G-son's dad came late to pick him up after a long 10 hour day. They headed home for supper.
I did evening chores and still no chicks. I guess I'll be going to Tractor Supply in the morning and buying then 3 chicks each since they have devoted 3 weeks plus of waiting for some little ones to care for.
This evening I noticed this bed of Hosta already up and getting it's pretty colors.
 Sadie is hoping for a romp in the bottom pasture again today but it is too late tonight.
I saw this guy watching my every move this evening and noticed the feeders needed refilling.
It is funny how the birds will usually do something to bring the fact that the feeders are empty to my attention. Sometimes they will flutter lightly against the sunroom door or windows. This guy just sat very still and watched me as if to say " aren't you forgetting something?"  He got his way and I refilled all the feeders and suet holders just in time for everyone to get a good meal before bedtime.
When I tried to get on the internet tonight I had no service. I had to shut everything down and unplug it all for a while then it worked when I re-connected. This is the second time I have had to do this in the last month. Never had the problem before so I'm not so sure what is going on just hope it doesn't get worse.
All's well that  ends well I guess.
Especially thankful for God's sacrifice of His only Son as the resurrection Sunday gets closer.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Our bird friends are pretty smart, aren't they???? Mine will do all kinds of things to get my attention when they are hungry.....

Our hosta is looking good also. I just hope that the deer don't eat it this spring like they did last year. Did I tell you that the deer ate the leaves off of about half of our two Azaleas in front---sometime during the winter???? Don't know what I'm going to do with those Azaleas... They certainly won't look very good this year for sure.

We had a cool night last night --but it warmed up nicely today.. PERFECT weather... Supposed to rain tomorrow --but we only have about a 30% chance.

Jean said...

I have Sweet Violets blooming also.
Interesting info about the fleabane...didn't know that it was used in pillows to keep fleas away.Thanks for sharing that tidbit!