Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Cloudy skies and warmer temperature, 30 degrees this morning instead of the mid 20's low that was forecast.
This is still how one of our plum trees look today,we are keeping our fingers crossed. The other two are not this far out in bloom yet.

The cold of the last few nights hasn't seemed to affect these lovely spring beauties.

As I walked this morning I noticed this guy hopefully laying claim to this nesting box in front of the barn.
Even though he flew as Annie and I walked by he stayed nearby in the trees so maybe I will be seeing more of him and his family.
I got in from my walk in time to do some vacuuming before it was time to pick up g-son as he hates the noise of the vacuum.
On the way to pick him up I got a call from sis-in-law saying they had some eggs at Sav-Mor for 59 cents a dozen so g-son and I stopped by there on the way home. He was a willing shopper because he was out of his favorite M&M cookies.
After lunch I worked outside pulling weeds from the patio areas while he played.
 Back inside we practiced counting. He can make it to 100 now with just a little help.
Someone called the sheriff's dept. today to tell them that there were 2 emaciated cows in a pasture near our driveway. Guess who they were talking about ???

 I can't be sure they were complaining about these 2 but they are in the pasture beside our driveway, do they look emaciated or starving to you ???
They have about 10 acres of grass all to theirselves right now so they are definitely not starving.Plus hay and grain each time they come to the barn.
They are however big boned Holsteins, I would have liked to have seen the deputy's face that came out to check these starving cattle !!!!
Sometimes good intentions are just plain ridiculous.

D-in-love came after g-son early today so I did some sewing. After all that is my goal for March, to get all my sewing crafts caught up and hopefully add a little stock for the months when all I have time to do is bake.
I haven't plugged the machines in or got lights in place since I moved them into daughter's old apartment so it took a while to get everything in place and going today.
I did get these 3 full aprons finished.
 At least next time I have time to sew things are already set up.
I took time to relax and watch my bird feeders this evening.
After having some steamed broccoli and cauliflower for supper I tackled the weekly paperwork.
Talked to daughter tonight about a date for the family housewarming party at her house.
Feel a little shaky tonight,hope I'm not getting some kind of bug. I'm hoping I just need a good night's sleep.
God is so good and I love to have Him beside me in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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gg said...

Beautiful mama and baby!Most people don't know that those girls and huge, hippy and always look as though they could use weight. I milked nights at a big dairy until 5 years ago, milked 400-450 solo but of course with the help of computers and loads of modern technology!I sure miss animals, we had a ranch about 2 1/2 hrs. from here. My sweetie was taken by cancer last year after a long battle.We had great times together with the cattle, and my goats!Love your writing.