Thursday, March 15, 2012


Woke early to the ringing phone. A small dog had ran out of #1 son's driveway in front of one of my brother's wives and she was worried it belonged to g-son. He doesn't have a dog like she described so I dozed back off. Ringing again interupted my snooze, this time an Avon customer asking about an order. Oh well might as well get going this morning.
After chores and breakfast I headed out to town to run weekly errands, deliver Avon and pick up baking supplies.
The day so far is really nice, sunny and warm but the clouds around the edges keep getting taller.
I came home at lunch time ,unloaded and made some calls to deliver other Avon orders but got no answers.
By this time the clouds had covered the sun .
I worked in my office for awhile and then went over to sis-in-law's house to pick up some eggs she had picked up for me on sale last night. My little great nephew was there and he is getting so big. We had a nice visit and as the lightening started streaking across the sky I headed home.
Hubbie was here when I got home and we did chores early to avoid the storm that was brewing.
As we listened to the thunder and watched the lightening light up the horizon we relaxed as this storm passed north of us.
We didn't realize how lucky we were until I saw these photo's on the news tonight.
No this is not a late snow storm, this is hail. Some areas got up to six inches of the white stuff .
This was around Marshall,NC going up I-26 .
In our area we only got a light shower of rain so far but tonight isn't over yet and there is some significant rainfall in Tenn. headed east over night.
This map was at 10:19 this evening.
Daughter came by this evening and hubbie helped her load up some timbers she needed to make some raised beds at her house in his truck. They worked in a light drizzle but got them over to her house and set up with the help of her b-friend. Now she needs dirt in them !!  Sounds like another job for dad !
It was dark when he got home and we relaxed for the evening.
God id so good and I am very thankful for the blessings He sends my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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