Sunday, March 18, 2012


I got a surprise when I woke up this morning and heard rain falling outside. There was about 1/3rd inch of rain in the gauge before it stopped. Guess the weather folks missed one !!
Hubbie and I took our turn in the nursery at church this morning. It was easy today with only 4 little ones and no crying and all well behaved.
After church we had a deep fried turkey breast and fixins for lunch. Everyone came except #2 son who still isn't feeling very well.
After we ate #1 son and d-in-love went to pick up some new furniture and g-son stayed with us. Daughter and her b-friend got some more supplies for some more yard work at her place. Hubbie and I fixed the old rabbit hutch up for another nesting box and I put the little red silkie in it with a dozen of silkie eggs under her. She acted like she was happy to be in a house of her own as the other chickens had been pulling some of her feathers from her back while she sat on the eggs in the big house.
I have all my brooder and nesting boxes filled now with setting hens and hatched chicks so anyone else who decides to set is out of luck for a while.
G-son helped feed the hens grass and weeds he pulled up around the garden.
When we were all finished hubbie went over to #1 son's house to help carry in the new furniture and carry out the old and g-son wanted to swing while I pushed him.
He has loads of fun on that swing and I wore my arm out before his dad came to pick him up.
Hubbie and I watched the UNC/Creighton tournament game , UNC won but it was an ugly game, with some very poor sportsmanship shown by the losing team.
Hubbie took #2 son a plate of food down to his house tonight and said he was still pretty sickly and isn't going to work tomorrow either.
Here is a look at this weeks' weather, looks like it is going to be a good week to get some early stuff planted in the garden.

Since #2 son and daughter were born March has been a very busy month for us as both of them have March birthday's.  
2 decades ago in March 1992 here is the birthday boy and girl !!
 #2 son turned 9 on the first day of March 1992. Love that basketball cake !!
He celebrated with his brother and sister and a couple of his first cousins.

Daughter blows out 7 candles on the March 26, 1992 as her friend Michele looks on.

She had asked for a real live kitty cat that year and I adopted this Seal Point Himalayan who quickly became the love of her life.
Remember at the beginning of the month when I showed this purple cat quilt that was covering the couch and said I had made it for daughter? Well now I know how old this quilt really is !  Can you tell what her favorite animal was at that time in her life ???

This has been a wonderful Sunday with family and a perfect weather day for outside fun and relaxation.
I am so thankful for the blessings of a day like this and for the life that I have been blessed with.
Good Night and God Bless.

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