Thursday, March 29, 2012


Well my day actually started very early, at like 3am !!! Yea, that late supper of spicy blackened salmon we bought at Sam's that looked sooooo good especially since I had spent a busy afternoon forgetting my "eat a small something every 2 hours" diet I have been on, yea THAT salmon  !!  Couple that with a lower back ache from all the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping I did along with lifting some heavy  plant pots. Why do I even wonder why I hurt some nights ?????  !!!!!!!
Anyway I was working on getting to sleep at almost the same time hubbie was getting up to go to work.
When the alarm sounded it was all I could do to cut it off before slumbering on. After about the 3rd wake-up call I thought about all the reasons I should get up !!!  I could almost feel a whole bunch of little eyes turned toward my back door waiting for it to open and the lady that brings food each morning emerge !
After chores and checking on the new chicks to find them pleasingly hidden still under their new mama's feathers with some little heads peeping out (wishing I had my camera)  I came back inside to have breakfast and decide what next.
I made a trip to Aldi and Ingles to pick up baking supplies and a few things for daughter's housewarming this weekend. I also gave myself a little bonus and stopped in the salvation army thrift store. I didn't find much ,a couple frames for the old photo's of hubbie's family we got last weekend, but I enjoyed the hunt.
Home just before lunch I still don't feel like eating much but had a turkey/cheese roll-up with some tomato slices.
The sun is shining and it is really warm outside today,77 degrees, I sat out in the sun for a little while before going through some old dish boxes I had stored in a closet. I used to sell on E-Bay and probably should start again to get rid of some of this stuff that just got boxed up.  Unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking for, guess I must have sold it !!!
I sewed a couple little girls jean aprons this afternoon.

When hubbie got home he and I went to Home Depot to get some mulch. They have their cypress mulch on sale at 1/2 price so I got enough to freshen up all my beds and we hauled 50 bags over to daughter's house. She has a bank that needs to be covered.
After we had a salad supper tonight at a decent hour hubbie went to church to work on the parking spot lines some more and I got to relax for a little while before chore time.
Spring is definitely in the air as I dodged darting barn swallows and other birds as they work on building nest inside the barn.
 These guys are taking advantage of the platforms hubbie nailed up to create ledges for the nests.

 Barn swallows don't need ledges as they glue their nest to the side of the rafters with mud. These birds are easily identified by their V-shaped tails as they fly about.
They are masters of construction just like all their other feather friends when it comes to building nests.

I spent a lazy evening nursing achy knees, boy ! this getting old thing is definitely not for whimps !!!
Back on my early blogging schedule tonight and off to bed earlier to catch up on some lost sleep.
Thanking God for the blessings of a wonderful day filled with wondrous marvels.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Love those aprons.

Anonymous said...


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Has anyone told you that you probably push yourself too hard these days??? You remind me so much of my best friend --who schedules herself 24/7--and goes-goes-goes... BUT--her poor body keeps telling her that she needs to slow down a little.

Love your barn swallows... Such pretty birds. AND-I love your header. Awesome!!!

Take care of you...Have a great weekend.