Friday, March 23, 2012


When I wake up and look out my bedroom window and see clouds and rain it just makes me want to roll over and cover my head to wait for the sun. But on a farm with hungry animals to feed that is not an option !
It is just a misty rain as I go through chores this morning. I have another broody silkie this morning so that is a place for the rest of the eggs my friend gave me yesterday. Whew , that makes 5 setters, if all these chicks hatch I'll be overrun with peeping cutie pies. Not such a bad thing if you ask me !!
Speaking of eggs,I got something yesterday that is a first ever for our farm. In all the years past and present that we have had laying hens this is the largest egg I have ever seen.

 I checked all the hens today to make sure they were alright. I wonder how painful it was to  lay an egg this size. As you can see it is the size of 2 regular eggs !!
As I ate breakfast the hard rains started. And came off and on pretty much all day leaving another 1/2" in the gauge.
My rainy day activities included baking and icing cakes and getting some more sewing done.
This time I worked on small 12 month and under bonnets. I got these 5 finished by the time  my shoulders cried out in pain.
This pattern was given to me by a neighbor lady who sold these bonnets in the Curb Market for many years before I started selling in there. She was a sweet lady and when she gave up her market table and stopped sewing she had a fabric sale and I  bought several pieces of fabric from her that I am still using. She passed away a couple years ago.
Hubbie and I dodged rain showers this evening to get all the chores done and ate some sweet potatoes from our garden last year for supper with a piece of baked chicken.
We have spent the evening caught up in March Madness basketball !!  First we watched UNC defeat Ohio to go to the elite eight now we are watching NCState/ Kansas game but it won't be over before I finish this blog . In fact at half time I am going to get my bath and watch the rest from bed.
God has blessed me wonderfully today as He does each day,and I am so thankful !
Good Night and God Bless.

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