Saturday, March 10, 2012


Off to market on this beautiful morning.
The crowd was better today and I had a very good sales day so maybe this warm weather is thawing out some wallets !!! HAHA !!
After market I made a stop at a Mighty Dollar store to pick up some St. Patricks day decorations for my table next Saturday. Since Wendy's is in the same shopping park I had a graving for one of their apple/pecan chicken salads.  I brought it home to have for a late lunch while hubbie and I watched the end of the UNC/ NC State b-ball game, UNC won by 2 points.
Hubbie went outside to change daughter's oil in her jeep. She has his car at a Glory Girls conference at the Bible Institute across from our church.
He also is working on an old lawn mower for her and mowed our grass,which in places was getting high.
I  watched Duke/ FloridaState b-ball game , FL State won that one and then I  transferred my inside chicks into a bigger box with shavings in it instead of newspaper.
 After chores as I walked back toward the house I saw the evening sun reflecting off these plum blossoms.
A close up of the blossom doesn't show damage from the recent cold nights, hopefully tonight's 28 low won't hurt either.
If this tree produces as many plums as it has blooms I'll be overly pleased.

I sat in the outside patio and watched the sun slowly sink. Notice the red maple buds on the distant tree.
Everyday gets us closer to a chance that we won't have a real taste of winter this year.

I had time to search for decade pics for March this evening and 1972 was the first year I found anything. And of course it was  basketball related for me.

I enjoyed my high school years of basketball very much and was one of the ones blessed with that talent. I am forever grateful to God for putting me in that situation during those trying years of my life.
I did not care much for school and my parents were not very encouraging either so if it hadn't been for my cousin who was the coach at that time, my life could have been very different.
With a strict code of ethics that athletes at that time had to go by I studied harder and wound up near the top of my class.  Pretty good for a kid who didn't even like school but loved the game of basketball.
I encouraged all my kids to play sports because from my experiences I knew how much influence a good,caring coach can have over a student athlete. Lucky for my kids  and me they had some wonderful coaches who were Christians and provided good leadership and influence.
On the other hand it scares me to death to think in some cases how this can really go the other direction with a bad influence. As I watched these AAC tournament games today and watched the actions of the coaches I was reminded of how all these kids react to how their coaches react to things.
I pray that God is made a part of  these sports and the coaches don't miss the opportunity to share His love with all these young men and women.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

A good coach is a wonderful blessing. Ours are good and instill ethics and a code of honor with prayer before and after each game. They also require academic achievement.