Monday, March 12, 2012


Oh how I hate these first day light savings mornings !!! I felt sorry for g-son also as he had a really hard time getting awake this morning after dad brought him over at 7:30.
While hubbie took him to school I did morning chores. The sky is cloudy this morning but the temperature is warm.
I spent the morning inside on some left over paperwork from last week while hubbie worked outside clearing some brush.
We stopped by the bank and  Tractor Supply on the way to pick up g-son for more chicken feed and bird seed. My feathered friends sure eat well !!!
G-son was hungry and wanted cheese pizza from Sam's so I shopped for a few things while he and hubbie had lunch.
At home g-son got comfortable in front of the TV and seemed very tired. I thought he was going to nap a couple times. I left him alone and worked in my office on a picture wall I've been planning for months.
Hubbie worked more outside and the rain held off until later in the afternoon, I even went out and pruned a couple trees after #1 son came after g-son.
Chores were done in a light drizzle.
#2 son came up and exchanged haircuts with hubbie tonight.
I worked more on my photo wall, I think it looks good and hubbie even said that was really nice to look at some of the old pics I put up. When it is all the way finished I will make pictures to put on here.
The light rain has continued throughout the evening and it is 54 degrees at 11:00.
The next seven days look more like May than March !!

Hubbie declared war on what ever critters we have burrowing around the foundation of our house. He has set traps in several places. He has a live animal trap set but it may be to big.
He also set mouse traps around the barn and my chicken houses. He's already had to empty them once tonight !! We keep all the feed in metal barrels with lids so they can't get to the feed and I shut the door on the chicken houses with the feed inside at night so as not to encourage mice and rats but they seem to come anyway.

Continuing with March decade pics as I looked in this month in 1982 it must have been a warm year also as we made a trip to Myrtle Beach,SC with our first baby boy.

Judging by our dress on the beach the weather must have been  warmer on some days than others.( or maybe I'm just tougher) hahaha

We used to go to the beach every year in early spring to watch the fisherman cast nets from the beach.
We both worked full time jobs back then so we took breaks often to spend time with just our kids.

It's off to bed for me again a little early, maybe I'll be able to get to sleep a little earlier.
Thanking God for the blessings of today and for a life filled with His love.
Good Nigh and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I wonder --since we've had a mild winter, what that means for all of the BUGS and unwanted critters this summer???????? Yipes!

We are very warm today--and even have the windows and doors opened.... Our neighbors have their AC on!!!!! Goodness---so warm when it's only March 13.... What will happen in summer?

The rains went all around us yesterday ---and we didn't get a drop!!!!! We were hoping for some rain so that George could spread some fertilizer on our grass today....

Love the old beach pictures.