Friday, March 9, 2012


With clouds still hanging around I checked the rain gauge this morning and surprisingly found 1 1/4" of rain in it from last night.
After chores I took a short walk around the house and barn again since the grass is still wet and the air seems to be getting cooler by the minute.
Saw this little guy again on the same house.

Hubbie said he cleaned a nest out of this box a month or so ago but I didn't notice any Bluebirds around the yard last year.
I had a free morning since d-in-love is picking up g-son today and will bring him over later this afternoon to stay while she drives to Tennessee for a great aunt's funeral.
I spent the morning baking cakes and I added a few sweet potatoes to eat over the weekend.
After lunch I bagged my Avon orders and packaged one up to ship to Florida to a friend who is down there from Indiana house sitting.
G-son came about 2:30 and he was so excited. His pre-school class is having a "mini sleep-over" this evening. They are all to come in their PJ's and the teachers are fixing food and they are camping inside their classroom for a couple hours.  This afternoon just won't pass fast enough for g-son!!
Finally it was time to get those PJ's on and get "Bobcat" ready to go.
He didn't have time to stop for photo's as he wanted to make sure we weren't late. That shows in the put-on smile !!
As I walked him down the hall into his classroom he couldn't contain his giggles,especially when the big tent came into view !
All the kids in his class were as excited as he was, those 2 teachers have their hands full tonight !!
Hubbie rode with us so we stopped at Sub-Way on the way home and got a couple subs for supper.
#1 son came by and had supper with us. He hung around until it was time to go back to pick g-son up.
It is much cooler this evening at chore time with 30 degrees predicted for tonight I had to empty the waters.
Back inside for the evening I exercised and watched some of the ACC tournament games as I got things ready for market tomorrow.
I ordered my garden seeds today and the Frontline for all the dogs,definitely signs of spring !!
I saw this map posted by the local weather guy about how this winter temperature has compared in all the states.
North Carolina is in the "much above normal" category along with all the northeastern states.
Hopefully this trend doesn't continue into summer,whew !!!

God is a faithful, awesome God forever and ever.
Good Night and God Bless.

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