Saturday, March 24, 2012


This  exactly describes the feeling I woke up with this morning. Waking before the alarm I got out my hot pack and heated it in the micro for a minute then layed back down hoping by some miracle that in about 20 minutes my headache would be dissovled in its heat.
Altough it helped some I still struggled through chores and getting ready for market. Daughter called and I told her to get up and get dressed because I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it through the morning at market. Usually a headache makes me sick at my stomach so I have no choice but to deal with it by laying down. This wasn't a migraine like I normally have but a sinus pressure headache.
Hubbie followed me to market and helped me set up preparing to take over if I left. One of hubbie's distant cousins has a table near ours and she came over to show hubbie some old pictures she had of some of their family. He wanted copies of them so I took them up to the office in the market and scanned them to my e-mail. As I was doing this and talking with the market manager who is a friend of mine I had that hallelujia moment when I realized my headache was gone.
This is a picture of hubbie's grandfather and his 2 brothers.
This was on a Sunday after church. I love the old truck they are sitting on.
This is one of hubbie's great aunts (his grandfather's sister)  and her husband.

Again I love that the old car is in the background.
This last photo is the oldest of the bunch and has 3 more of Hubbie's great aunts, the smaller girl and the 2 ladies on the far right of the photo.
After copies are made we will have to get all the names on these folks, hopefully his cousin knows them.
Market was very slow today as I knew it would be after the morning started out stormy.  I did get most of  my Easter decoration up.  Daughter had a baby shower to attend at 12:30 so she called to check on me a couple times before I told her to go on to the shower. It was a long day as it always is when you don't feel well but I made it and came home to relax for the evening.
Hubbie worked at  the workday at church after he left the market and  was just getting home when I came in.  After we got unloaded he mowed the lawn while I dozed in the sunroom. 
I think mostly I am suffering from my night of little sleep last night.
We got only about another 1/4" of rain today but it is cooler tonight, expected to get into the mid 40's overnight.
Looking forward to worshipping our Lord tomorrow with my church family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Marilyn, We have had a couple of days of rainy and cooler weather. I got spoiled with all of the summer-like weather we have had. Today--it felt cold to me. George even put a fire in the fireplace tonight so that we could get the chill out of the house... BUT--it's supposed to warm up this coming week.

Great old pictures.

Gail said...

Like the headache demonstration, I;ve had a few like that...lay still in the dark and pray for it to pass.

Sharing history and memories is a perfect way to spend a day.