Sunday, March 11, 2012


Shame on me this morning !!!  Hubbie and I decided earlier in the week we wouldn't go to church today. A group called Mark 209 was coming today to give a concert during the morning service. The minister told us last week that several other churches would also be attending the concert in our sanctuary. So since neither hubbie or I feel very comfortable in crowds we opted to give our seats during service to some of the visitors.  #1 son and d-in-love attended and said the music was good. Hubbie and I listened to a tape of them on the internet and they sound alot like the Stattler Brothers.
We fixed a big crock pot full of beef stew and had biscuits to go with it. It was enjoyed hungrily by all.
We all watched the ACC tournament final game between UNC/ FlaState,  Fla. State won by 2 points and it was a very good game. 
Daughter was here and she took several of her house plants with her when she left.
I sat outside in the beautiful 64 degree day to get my dose of vitamin D. Our associate pastor came by to see an old chain saw hubbie has. Hubbie is giving it to him to add to his collection of old saws.
After he left hubbie and I walked down into the bottom pasture.
We found signs of beaver on the creek bank.
They make some interesting carvings.

As we looked around at the tree damage , OMG,  what is that?  I thought it was a bear leg and foot, hubbie thought it was a calf leg, no it doesn't have a hoof it has a paw on the end of it !!!!!
Guess who was right ????  Well I was !!!  It was a bear leg , a teddy bear leg !!!!  Must have washed down the creek in one of the floods and maybe carried up on the bank by something.   haha , we had a good laugh for the day !!!
Caught this pair floating down the creek in the sunshine.

Bluebirds seem to be so colorful this year.

#1 son chose today to put a water filter on the waterline under his house and when things didn't go just as he expected he had to call hubbie for re-enforcements. They finally got the leaks stopped and things working around 6:30 tonight. Thank goodness daylight saving time started today !!!
After evening chores hubbie and I drove out to the local high school about a mile away to walk. We walked one mile at a good pace as we were racing sundown.
This was taken across the football field, hence the lights in the top corners.

As we drove home I had a nice accomplished feeling for this first day of daylight savings time. I like the extra time in the evening to do just such things as this walk.
We had a salad supper ,then relaxed for the evening.
It will take me several days to get used to the new time so I am planning an early bedtime tonight.
As I snapped this photo this afternoon I thought of an old lore about violets and dreams.

 Here's hoping violet magic  for each of you as you slumber in dreamland tonight.

Good Night and God Bless.


gg said...

What beautiful pictures. I'm waiting for spring here where there is loads of snow, and March being a stormy month often we could get more!

Nezzy said...

Ahhhh, it looks like spring is bustin' out all over at your place!

It was beautiful here too today. I worked cleanin' out my rose garden and gettin' some fresh dirt under my nails! Woohoo!!!

God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day.

Gotta love that Vit~D!!!! :o)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I struggle with the time change. My body seems to take days or weeks adjusting to it. I do enjoy having more daylight in the evenings --but it's hard to get up in the mornings now... ha

We are home from our 2nd trip is a month--and both of us have colds.. Yuk! Guess it will be REST for this upcoming week for both of us.


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