Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I emptied 1/2" of rain from the gauge this morning after last nights storms. Seemed like it was much more rain than that but it fell fast and hard so it must have just seemed like a lot.
After chores, breakfast and morning devotions I took a long walk on this beautiful day. I can't believe I am comfortable in a tank top this time of year.
I moved  some chicks around this morning. After turning the black silkie hen back out into the big lot I put the Tractor Supply chicks in with her chicks who now act lost without their mother hen watching over them. Neither group of chicks wanted anything to do with the other. Luckily this box is large enough for them to stay in separate ends until they get used to each other's company.
Louie the holstein calf is no longer a calf and is getting a bit over zealous when I walk in the pasture where he is. Those little horn spikes hurt when he rubs them against my legs.
He's looking pretty silly with his ears cocked in this pic.

My old milk cow Snowball will be 19 years old this May.
We all thought she would not make it through the winter after she had some problems last fall. But with the addition of Louie and the mild winter here she is looking as good as an old lady cow can as her 19th birthday gets closer.
After lunch I cleaned all the floors and porches before I took a vitamin D break in the sunshine. There was quite a few clouds in the sky but they were floating by at a good speed.
I have been putting off cleaning up around the apartment door  where daughter used to live so that was today's job. It is to nice to stay inside today. I cleaned up the herb bed under the window and pulled all the weeds and grass from the cement block patio. I filled all the cracks with weed prevent.
Hubbie came home just as I finished the job. He planted onions this afternoon.
I cleaned all the herbs from the greenhouse this evening and re-potted a beautiful dianthus that is already starting to bloom in the heat of the greenhouse.
 These blooms smell soooooooo  good !!!!!

Hopefully I won't have to bring them back inside. I only put my Tarragon and a few tender varigated mints with the dianthus in there last fall and thought I would wait until the weather really got cold to move more things inside the greenhouse but the colder weather never came.
Hubbie and I watched Survivor on TV tonight and then I had weekly paperwork and bill paying to get done.
I am tired tonight after my day of outside spring cleaning.
Grateful to God for the strength He gives me each day and for the comfort of knowing He is always with me.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

You are always so productive. I wish I had one tenth of your energy. It seems when I get home from work, it's hard for me to do just the essentials.

If you figure out how to package that, please send me some!