Monday, March 5, 2012


G-son came early this morning to get the day started. While hubbie took him to pre-school I did the morning chores. My what a difference a week makes in the weather,brrrrr!!!
After breakfast I put an Avon order on line and then hubbie and I headed out to do some shopping before picking up g-son. At Tractor Supply we went to look at the on sale clothes and safes that they had. But I was surprised to see they already had their baby chicks and ducks. I fell in love !!! We decide we didn't have anything worth warranting the purchase of a safe but each found a couple shirts on sale.
We picked up g-son and stopped back by Tractor Supply and g-son and I picked out 4 Americana chicks and 2 Rhode Island Red . The Americana are straight run but the Reds are sexed pullets !
Oh they are so cute and soft, g-son said he never felt anything so soft !
I put them in with the Black Silkie mama and her 5 babies in hopes that she would mother them. She was willing but these hatchery hatched chicks had no idea about getting under mom's feathers to keep warm and safe. With the light in the box it was warm enough to leave them for the rest of the day to see if nature would work things out.
I drove to Asheville for a bone density screening just after lunch.
On the way home I thought how wonderful the clear blue sky looks on this sunny day. But when I got out of the van at home and the wind hit me all I wanted to do was get inside and warm up.
Hubbie and g-son were busy planting tomato seeds for this years garden plants.
Hubbie went outside to gather some rocks for daughter to place around her back deck to keep Tipper from digging under it. G-son and I stayed inside and passed the afternoon camping in the living room.
I kept checking on the chicks and found them all huddled together under the light while mama with all her chicks were huddled in the other end of the box.
After dad picked up g-son I got busy and set up a chick box downstairs with the wood stove. I have an idea of sneaking each chick one at a time under the mama silkie after she gets comfortable for the night but tonight's 22 degree temperature won't be a good night to test my plan so they will stay nice and warm in the environment that they have been used to.
Bernie and Dolly have been very curious at what is making all those peeping sounds, so a close eye will be kept on them.
The chicks look like they are very warm and comfortable.

Tonight it is a winter night for sure as we can probably say good-bye to our plums and peaches and who knows what else. The freeze warnings go all the way down into Georgia so I'm guessing a peach will be a rare commodity this summer.
I've missed the cold nights reading by the fire this winter so tonight I did just that. I usually read my Bible each morning at breakfast but didn't have time today so tonight was a perfect time to catch up.
This is my electric fireplace in the sunroom but with the blower turned on it feels like a real wood stove.
Get the heavy coat and ice pick back out for chores in the morning after a very cold night. At 11:00 it is already 32 so I expect low 20's for sure.
As I read my Bible tonight I found several verses to apply directly to my life at this time. God's word is so full of truths and directions it always amazes at how He knows exactly when and what we need to hear.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes it is cold here ---so it will be Bye Bye to our blooming Daffodils, crocuses and Hyacinths... Kinda Sad! We don't have any flowering trees up here yet (thank goodness) --but I hate seeing what happens when we have an early spring. Dang it!!!!

Stay Warm...

Rita said...

Your fireplace looks so warm. How nice to have on chilly evenings. It seems you rarely sit down though. :)
Love your blog. You inspire me to keep busy and enjoy the day.