Saturday, March 17, 2012


A warm beginning to this St. Patrick's Day 2012 as I went through chores before market this morning .
Everyone was all decked out in their greenery today. I don't think I have ever seen that many shades of green.
We had a treasure hunt at market by hiding gold coins around the market and awarding donated prizes to those customers who found them. We also served free cookies and green punch.

I decorated my table and also had my green on today.

I actually bought one of these green hair peices like my neighbor had on but used it instead as a base for my blarney stone cookies.

These little green leprechauns kept popping up everywhere !!!

Daughter and b-friend came by market,she had bought some lattice to go around her front porch and had it tied on to her roof rack.

She was dog sitting these three cuties.

This was a yard work day at her house so they left to get started on it.
I finished up a slow market day before heading home. On the way out of town I got a call from #2 son asking if I would pick him up some chicken noodle soup and fruit on the way home because he had an upset stomach.
I noticed this morning he was home from work but thought maybe he had finally gotten a day off.
He thought he had eaten something bad last night at Fatz where he ate supper with some friends.
After dropping off his things I came home and unloaded the van and got things put away. Hubbie had taken the riding mower he had fixed up over to daughter's.
I sat out in the sun for awhile and relaxed until the clouds rolled in.
Hubbie came home and got on our lawn mower to mow our lawn. I don't remember in any recent years having to mow the lawn in the middle of March.
I sat in the sunroom with Bernie and Dolly and watched a storm pass by again today with only a couple loud cracks of thunder which scared Bernie badly.
The storm passed to the east and then the air seemed to cool and the evening was quiet.
I fixed some couscous for supper and it definitely hit the spot since I hadn't eaten any lunch today.
After evening chores hubbie and I watched some March madness ballgames on TV.
I finished reviewing my blog book and sent it to the publisher tonight. At least I don't have to fear something happening and erasing all my work anymore.
I am writing this blog post on my laptop while the upload is going on on my desktop.
I talked to #2 son tonight and he has finally got something to stay in his stomach tonight and is feeling better.
This has been a good St. Patrick's Day and I wish everyone could find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow tonight whatever it might be !!
These photo's are from the March of the leprechauns up town in Hendersonville today.

 This seemed to be a much scaled down version than they have had in previous years,I have no idea what happened.

Thankful for my blessings today and that son is feeling better tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Looks like you all really celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the market and outside....

We have had TONS of rain this week. Last night the thunder storms woke us up several times (very loud ones)... Luckily, no damage!!!! We did lose our electricity for awhile.

I have been sick with an old cold this week. Mine started as a sore throat and is now in my sinuses... NO FUN ---and truthfully, I feel pretty miserable...

Have a great week.