Monday, January 28, 2013


Hubbie took g-son to school this morning and stopped on the way home for a haircut at the local barber shop. Giving me a leisure morning for a little while. As I did morning chores I was wondering what happened to the weather that was forecast for today as it was 37 degrees with a light misty rain falling.
When hubbie came in he decided to ride to town with me as I had to take my glasses into the shop to have one of the small screws replaced that hold them together as I noticed it was gone yesterday when my glasses kept sliding down my nose.They tightened the screws in his glasses also and said we should drop by about every 3 months to have this done,who knew ?
We also made a stop at Goodwill,hubbie likes to pick up winter work shirts in there to wear under his work uniforms. I found a Singer sewing machine for $11 and it runs,whether it sews or not I don't know yet but even it it doesn't it was worth that in parts for my other machines.
Back home after lunch the nice weather had arrived.This was the temperature map this afternoon.
I wanted to work outside on this shirt sleeve only day so I cleaned out my hen houses while hubbie gathered saws and supplies to cut some trees out of my forsythia patch below the house.
Last summer we noticed several walnut ,wild cherry, and large privot trees growing on the bank and decided to wait until winter to crawl into the thick mass of forsythia to cut them.
Today was the day and we managed to get all of them cut down.One of the largest walnut trees was precariously located where it might fall on my sewing shop,but we managed to push it over the bank.
We got almost all the limbs and wood hauled up to our brushpile before I had to go after g-son.
When we got back g-son was eager to help his Pawpaw unload the last load.
Love the effort he puts into his work and the rewarding smile of success.
On this nice afternoon he played outside for a while on the slide.
He got his report card today and it was all good. There is only 2 letter grades you can get, either an S for satisfactory or an N for needs improvement.

He is a good boy and we are very lucky he is interested in learning.

After his dad picked him up I did evening chores and then had a light supper. Sis-in-law brought some papers by for hubbie to sign on the sale of the old house and then we both relaxed for the evening.
Thankful for a very nice wonderful day to get some much needed outside work done and thankful for the energy and strength that He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

So glad you had such a nice warm January day. Getting yard work done is always rewarding. God bless you. Congrats to G-son on a good report card.

Betsy Adams said...

We were in your area yesterday... On the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Biltmore... It WAS a gorgeous day --and I was almost hot in my sweatshirt... We didn't get there til about 1:00 and only stayed until about 4:00. We did some hiking and visited the conservatory, walked to the statue Diana, and went to the lagoon. Had a wonderful day...

SO you see---I know about your beautiful day yesterday. Glad we didn't go today. It's cloudy and drizzly here --with severe stuff coming in in the morning I think... Then winter will come back...