Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My phone jarred me awake before the alarm went off this morning. #1 son on the other end saying he and g-son were on their way early. As I shook out the cobwebs and made my way to open the door for him I remembered there is no school today. His dad carried him inside and laid him on the couch handing me some kids claritin pills for him to take later for his stuffy nose.
I turned the TV on and got him all snuggled in a warm blanket then went back to bed myself to get warm again. The thermometer said 20 degrees and the wind was still blowing hard.
After about 30 minutes g-son was standing beside my bed saying he was hungry,so much for added sleep this morning.
I fixed his breakfast and then got an early start on my day. After chores I did laundry and house cleaning until lunch time.
G-son was in a building mode this morning and with each new creation he wanted a picture taken.
Small legos, larger legos and lincoln logs, perfect fun for a cold wintry day !!
He talked all day of his wonderfully fun weekend at Great Wolf Lodge where his mom chaperoned and he got to tag along for the fun.
Here is a few pics I got from d-in-love's blog  of him enjoying all the female company this weekend !
He got some time with his Aunt T .
 He loves them all, younger  and older  !!!

 I have never been to this park in Charlotte,NC but it looks like it would be super fun if you liked playing in water.

 It was entirely enclosed and stayed about 80 degrees with that also being the water temperature.
Today that sounds heavenly as our high temperature today struggled to get above freezing at 33.
Tonight is going to be an even colder night than last because already at 10:30 it is 25. At least the wind has calmed down.
After #1 son picked up g-son hubbie and I did evening chores. I always give extra feed on these colder nights.
After supper we watched a NCState/Wake Forest b-ball game which was a good close game and gave Wake an upset win.
Daughter's varsity girls team won this evening but her JV's lost against cross town rival West Henderson.
I have enjoyed relaxing and watching the flames in the upstairs wood stove which hubbie built a fire in for the first time this season tonight. I was afraid it would get too hot but it has felt really good as the temperature plummets.
Count your blessings day by day and all your cares will fly away !!  Thank You for this day Lord !!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

HI There, 11 degrees this morning at 6:30 a.m. Never did get out of the 20's all day long.. Supposed to go back down into the low teens again tonight... I love winter--but just wish it were snow instead of this frigid weather... ha

Hope you have a nice day tomorrow.

linda m said...

Such cute pictures of your grandson. Blessings