Saturday, January 5, 2013


The temperature was 26 degrees as I did the chores early this morning. I was more careful with the chicken waterers this morning as I broke one of the frozen plastic tops yesterday and will have to buy another when the weather warms. I have a smaller one to use in the meantime.
Market was very slow today but I had a few nice sales and am thankful for what I did sell. The temperature at noon is only 36 and these old cement block walls hold the cold even with the gas heaters so it isn't a very comfortable place to be today. Most of the sellers were here and gone long before lunch,giving up on any sales for the day. I took all my Christmas decorations down and got things dusted and cleaned up. I tried to keep moving to help stay warm.
Daughter is at church this morning at a women's class and then has ball practice and a rec league ball game with her 6th grade girls after that so her Saturday is filled.
After market along with a grocery stop at Harris Teeter I shopped at Goodwill for some new baubles to ceate some new winter tables and shelf scapes . I am tired of looking at the same shelf sitters all year so I have a plan to change things up at least seasonally.
After a Salvation Army thrift shop stop came up completely empty I headed to Goodwill.
I only found these there that I thought fit my plans.
These are really heavy candle holders,made exclusively for Home Interiors and look like new still with the stickers on the bottoms and for only $3, yeah they will fit nicely with my plans !!
I made it home around 3:30 and hubbie who was just getting home from daughter's house where he was helping her take the Christmas lights off her roof  helped me unload and get things put away.
We rested until chore time and I finally got warmed up from being cold all day. We were supposed to get into the upper 40's this afternoon but barely broke 40 and the clouds and dampness made it feel even colder.
Tonight and early in the morning may get a little hazardous as freezing rain is predicted for our area.
Our thermometer says the temperature has actually risen throughout the evening from 35 earlier to 40 at 11:30 so maybe our area will be spared any icey situations.
This has been a restful,relaxing evening just snuggling with my 4-legged kids on the couch and watching TV.
I look forward to Saturday nights after a busy hectic week. It's nice to just changed into lounging clothes and "lounge" !!
Looking forward to praising our Heavenly Father tomorrow with my church family. Grateful for today's blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Crazy crazy weather... We thought we'd get either rain and/or snow from the front yesterday--but we got NOTHING, not even a drop of anything... And this morning, even though it's still quite cold, the sun is trying to peek out a little.... The upcoming week looks a little milder. Don't know if we'll get much snow this winter or not... Oh Well!!!! Hubby likes that!

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday.