Sunday, January 20, 2013


Chilly this morning as I was out earlier than normal on a Sunday morning. I need to help in hubbie and daughter's Sunday school class this morning.
The kindergarten and first graders were well behaved for the most part and payed attention to the lesson well.
Church was good and we had a young couple join our church family this morning with their 2 young daughters.
Our church is really growing and I give all the glory to God.
Back home we had lunch with both our boys only as the girls are off on other duties. After lunch the boys rode out to a bankrupt housing development to look at a couple lots that are selling really cheap for #2 son who is looking for land to build another house on.
The house he just bought is nice but it is still not what he wants so he has decided to buy land, get it paid for,sell one of the houses he has now or both and build a house just like he wants.
Hubbie and I spent the afternoon doing what Sunday's are good for,  nothing !
To keep this post from being ultra boring I am going to finish up my January decade pictures.
In January 2003 daughter was playing her senior year of basketball. She was one of the captains and the top scorer on her team.
She was number 35.

Their coach was Jimmy Williams.
Daughter toes the line for a foul shot.
Pre-game ceremony.
Each time I go out to the same gym that she played in and watch her now coaching the basketball team it brings back all kinds of memories from the years she was on the court playing. Sometimes I chuckle when I hear parents yelling encouragement to their daughters or fussing at calls the refs make because I remember saying the same things.  I must admit it's much easier now to watch the team she is coaching than it was to watch her play. I enjoy watching these young girls under her direction as they get better with each game they play.
Also that year I was going to Curb Market a couple days a week. This is an article that the local newspaper published and featured my mother and I in.

Another nice sunny day with the high temperature of 60 degrees but tonight is going to be pretty cold,the temp is 39 at 10:30. One more day of mild temperatures then we are going to feel more winter like for a while.
Thankful tonight for the love of my God and praying for His guidance in all that I do. Still praying for the out of town church members,may they have safe travel tomorrow as they spread the love of Jesus.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Good morning! Winter has struck here - 4 degrees this morning with a light snow falling. Happy to hear your church is growing. I'll say a prayer for your "traveling" church members also.