Friday, January 11, 2013


Friday mornings always are a challenge for g-son as he gets slower and slower. After waiting until the last minute to use the bathroom this morning he was almost late for school.
It has been raining all night and the mud is ankle deep around here this morning as I slosh though chores.
After a weight lifting video I baked 6 caramel,2 chocolate, 1 coconut and 2 pound cakes before lunch.
Just as I was getting the last layers out of the ovens and putting the pound cakes in a neighbor drove up in the yard and said there was a cow out at our driveway. I figured at first it was the neighbor's but after a closer look and count I realized she was one of our renter's cows.
I hurriedly put the dogs up and headed down to see what I could do. Rebecca was home but she is pregnant and having a really hard pregnancy,being sick and having early contractions, she came out and got some feed. She had called husband Aaron and he was on his way so our goal was just to keep the cow out of the road until he got here.
We did our job but that cow couldn't find where she got out and couldn't get back into the pasture. After chasing her up and down the creek bank a couple times we cut the fence so she could get back into the pasture. We never did find where she got out at so I left them with it and came back to get my cakes out of the oven. After I got out of my rain soaked clothes the timer still had 10 minutes on it.
I miss some of the aspects of having a large herd of cattle but chasing them when they get out is not one of them ! And it seems to always happen when the weather is nasty outside just like today.
I got my exercise for the day anyway after running the length of the pasture at one time.
I worked on downloading some photos after lunch.
Daughter had another home game this afternoon so I went out to watch her JV girls play Brevard.
Here she is directing her team which won this game by 25 points.
After the game I came home to do the chores and ice caramel cakes before supper.
Then hubbie and I made a huge pot of chilli for daughter's fifth quarter celebration at church after the games.
This is a picture of the varsity girls team,daughter with the purple scarf over white shirt and the head coach in the background at the bottom right corner. They lost this game by one point.
The chilli turned out really good and she came by to pick it up about 9:00, 3 large crock pot fulls !
I got this recipe from the internet and used it for a guide, you know me I can't keep from tweeking recipes.
You can enlarge the pic and it is easier to read. I tweeked this by adding a couple cans of chunky Rotel, using 3 quarts of my home canned tomatoes drained and substituting 2 cans of chilli beans for 2 of the kidney beans. I could have actually used another can of kidney beans. I also had a 5 pound package of meat instead of 4 pounds.  It totally makes more than 16 servings unless you are  feeding a very hungry crowd !!

I iced chocolate and coconut cakes after she left and then headed to bed.
The night is still dreary with dampness and it is 53 degrees at 11:00 after a high today of 56 !!
I emptied a little over 1/2 inch of rain from the gauge this evening.

Grateful for the blessings of the day and for the family God choose for me !
Good Night and God Bless.

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