Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Another inch of rain overnight but we still don't have any flooding yet,thankfully.
I had to make a double trip to school this morning as in their hurry to get ready after getting up late, #1 son forgot to put g-son's lunch box in his bookbag.
He was getting ready to get out of the van at school when he said his bookbag felt very light and he hoped his dad hadn't forgot to put his lunch box in it.  He looked and sure enough, no lunchbox. After a minor meltdown he went on into school with the promise from me that I would go straight home and get it.
I'm glad I live close to school and was glad to see the relieved look on g-son's face when I got back with the lunchbox.
After chores and breakfast I did an aerobic video,most of it anyway, before I pooped out !!
With all this nasty weather I am getting out of shape quickly.
I spent the day cleaning out kitchen cabinets. This is an every January task that I do and always seem to find several forgotten items that have gone out of date. This year the pile was the smallest it has been.
I vacuumed but decided there was no point in mopping with more rain and even snow predicted.
After picking up g-son I did chores early and as soon as #1 son picked him up I started getting ready to go to a special service at church tonight.
Once a  month our associate pastor Craig conducts a Wednesday night service called "Unplugged". It is a more upbeat service and always includes something special. Tonight was a testimony and song from one of the young ladies that has recently been attending our church. She sang wonderfully and the message was very good.
After we left church hubbie and I had to go to Walmart to get dog food and a few groceries. There was no crowd trying to buy bread and milk from the snow predictions yet.
At home I spent the evening buried in weekly paperwork,quarterly taxes and paying bills.
There was flooding all around us with landslides and even houses that were compromised on the sides of hills with sliding rocks and mud. We feel very fortunate not to have any damage here. However for the first time this week our county is under a flood warming.We are expecting and additional 2-3 inches of rain,starting early in the morning.
 We are also under a winter storm warning as snow is predicted to start tomorrow afternoon.
A heavy wet snow is forecast at a depth of 3-6 inches for our area.
It's going to be an interesting remainder of the week I'm sure !!!

As I looked across the church at #1 son tonight I remembered these decade pics I had for January 1983. He was full of himself with all his new toys for a short time enjoying being the only child !

Great memories !

Grateful to God for the blessings in my life and praying for all the flood victims.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Love those pictures of your son. What a cutie pie....

We had a drizzly day --but not nearly as much rain today. We are forecast to get some snow tomorrow also--but it may go east of us ---right to YOU...


linda m said...

Your son is so cute. Praying for all the people living in the flooding areas. Stay safe. Sure hope you don't get the snow that is predicted - what a mess that would be. Blessings.