Monday, January 21, 2013


AHHHHH!!!!!  Finally got to sleep in a little this morning before braving the mid 20's temperature.
After chores and breakfast I did a weight lifting video and took a walk in the nice sunshine. Tipper, daughter's dog has spent the weekend with us while daughter has been with the youth at Great Wolf Lodge. She enjoys playing with Annie and Flash so much.
They had so much fun,although Flash wasn't too sure about sharing his toys.
Love how Tipper's eyes are watching Flash for her chance to run away with the toy so he would chase her.
As I walked I noticed the Daffodils are blooming which is not a good thing in January !!
My Iris are also coming up way too early !!!  Just as we are expecting the coldest temps of the season.
Back inside I worked on cleaning my office while hubbie and sons cut down a couple trees and hauled them to the barn to be cut into firewood.
#1 son did the cutting......
Hubbie did the hauling......
And it looks like #2 son is directing !!!!!
After they were finished we all rode with #2 son to look at a lot he is putting an offer in on. It is a very nice lot and I would love to see him get it. He would be closer than he is now and in a much nicer development. Hopefully the realtor will have the papers ready tomorrow for his offer.
The temperature is dropping fast this evening as I did evening chores. I got all the plastic waterers out of the lots and put metal pans out to fill with water tomorrow as the temperature isn't going to get above freezing. I used these alot a couple years ago but they haven't had much use last year of this so far.
I worked more in my office this evening. I have a plan to change my desk. I have an old heavy wooden desk in there now and have added some purchased shelving as it is just a flat top desk. Last year a friend of daughter's gave me a really nice wooden desk with plenty of built in shelving which is actually smaller than the one I am using now. We stored it in the barn and I am thinking I want to change them out. Different furniture always gives me a boost to get a room cleaned up !!
Daughter came by tonight to pick up Tipper and told us all about her trip. Sounds like they all had a wonderful time and g-son has decided he wants to move down there. She said he really had a super time in the indoor water park.
After she left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
This has been a wonderful day filled with blessings and I am so grateful to God for  answering prayers.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi There, Supposed to go down to 12 tonight with a windchill of below zero... YIPES... Too bad for our spring flowers popping up and blooming... The Hyacinths all bloomed MUCH too early.

Is that the son who just bought a house? Is he going to sell it and build on the new lot?????

Have a nice day tomorrow and stay WARM.


linda m said...

So sorry to hear that your flowers are prematurely starting to come up. Hope the colder temps don't kill them. Keep warm. We are having a below zero cold spell here in S.E. WI -I 'm trying not to go outside. Blessings