Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Amazingly the days are already getting long enough to see the sun just starting to peek over the tree tops on our way to school once again. Haven't seen this since the time changed last fall.
And there he goes, supper hero backpack and all, he is growing up waaaayyyyy too fast !!!

Home to get the chores done on this mild 45 degree morning. The sun was losing the battle with the dark clouds already with the predicted rain to begin later this afternoon.
After I put an Avon order online and caught up some small jobs,I've been putting off I called my friend/hairdresser for a haircut appointment. Her shop is only a couple minutes away and she said come on over, I'll work on you while the lady there was under the dryer. She shampooed and cut my hair while we caught up with each other's holiday happenings. Markeeta is a great hair stylist and works very fast, by the time the dryer shut off on the other lady who was another friend of mine I was finished. I visited with Janet a few minutes and then came home to have lunch.
I spent the afternoon cleaning and vacuuming all my floors as this hasn't been done since the week before Christmas. I finally got all the Christmas rugs replaced today. Now they are all in a pile in the laundry room waiting to be taken to the laundry.
The misting rain began just as I went to pick up g-son. The temperature is 52 degrees but it feels colder with the dampness.
#1 son came to pick up g-son and get ready to go to church tonight.
With all the clouds I did chores early as darkness will come quicker this evening.
During the news hubbie and I both took naps. My back is sore from all the floor cleaning and when I snuggled down with the 4-legged kids on the couch and got really warm I couldn't hold my eyes open.
After supper I dived into the weekly paperwork and payed bills. As I looked at monthly figures I realized I had not been sent my new sales and use quarterly tax forms yet. I will have to call tomorrow to see what is going on with that. Seems it is always something !!
I am sitting here rubbing my painful knuckles tonight. I try to wash my hands extra times to try to fend off sickness these days and with that my hands are starting to crack open and hurt. I remember my mother's hands would always crack open and bleed in winter,my dad would have to wash the dishes so she could keep them out of the strong detergent. This winter seems to have been extra hard on my skin,even with the frequent rains the air seems so dry. I have a treatment ointment for my hands but it is very oily and I use it just before I get into bed. By morning my hands are normal color and smooth but with all the hand washing during the day they are red and cracking again by nightfall.
God is a wonderful Heavenly Father who is ready to carry us through all our difficulties with His loving arms.
Good Night and God Bless.


Rita said...

I use the purple playtex gloves from WalMart. My hands do the same but not as bad if I use the gloves. It hurts when the tips of my finger crack and bleed. So this is what I do as well as use the cream and rub it in good at night. God bless you. I really like to read your blog.

linda m said...

I used to put a very oily ointment on my hands at night but then wore some sort of glove to hold the moisture in. Now I just use Udder Balm. It is used on cows in Winter on their udders, but it is the best hand cream I have ever used. I buy it at a farm supply store. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Warm here today... I even got some extra energy --so cleaned our windows inside and out... They needed it!!!!!

Can you not use the waterless hand cleaners this time of year? That should help with the cracked hand problem...

There is alot of flu this year --so hope none of us get it...


nancy john said...

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