Friday, January 18, 2013


Phones ringing before 6am told me that school was going to be on a 2-hour delay this morning. The temperature is 28 degrees so I am sure there is some icy spots and I'm sure there is some roads still flooded. D-in-love waited until about 8 am before she brought g-son and headed to Asheville to work.
The flood waters here have long been receded and the bright sunshine this morning makes last nights roaring water a distant memory.
It was weird to do all the chores and have breakfast before taking g-son to school.He thought it was weird too as he kept asking if it was time to go yet. He decided he liked this better than going at the regular time !!
On the way home I stopped for a picture of the snow on top of Bearwallow Mountain.

I did a weight lifting video and then baked 9 caramel,2coconut,and 2 chocolate layer cakes before having lunch.
After lunch I couldn't stay inside, the first day of sunshine this week called me loudly even if it was still a bit cold at 48 degrees.
All the animals were surely enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.
Annie sleeps soundly.
 Flash dozes.
 The horses lay down to soak up the warmth.
 The cattle graze leisurely in the bright sunshine.
 Sadie in her regular spot.
With all the dogs content to snooze away the afternoon I slipped quietly out the the back door and down the hill into the bottom pasture where a large flock of Mallard Ducks were having a good time in the enlarged flooded farm pond.
 They were diving for something as they swam in the shallow flood waters of the pasture.
 The sun was in front of me and the flood waters were still too deep for me to cross to get better pictures. These ducks are so beautiful with their bright colors. Maybe they will hang around until I can get some better pics.
I came back up to the house and sat out in the sun for a while. The air is cool and the temperature is dropping fast this evening for another  night of low 20's and more freezing wet spots.
I iced my cakes and got things ready to go to market while hubbie watched some of his favorite TV shows.
The beautiful day today wiped the memory of the last several nasty rainy days right out of mind and made the appreciation of God's glorious creations tops in my thoughts.
It always amazes me at how quickly nature gets back to normal after a flood or any other bad weather event. Too bad we humans aren't as quick to bounce back !!
God blesses me endlessly and I strive to do His will in all that I do. Prayers go up for our church youth group and leaders as they travel down to Charlotte for a week end of fun at Great Wolf Lodge.
Good Night  and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Hi, We had that glorious sunshine today also.. Felt wonderful. We drove to Tullahoma today to check on G's Daddy.. He's doing fine --but his body and mind are slowly leaving him... Guess that can happen when one is 100--plus 5 months now..

Great pictures. I especially love seeing the snow on the mountains.