Saturday, January 26, 2013


Felt very strange this morning not to be rushing around getting ready to go to market. When I went out to do chores all the ice was melted around here.
As hubbie and I finished a leisurely breakfast daughter drove up. She had finished her early morning recreation ballgame early.
This morning went from leisurely to busy in a short time with a couple phone calls. First hubbie got a call from #2 son asking if hubbie knew who he could call to get someone to work on his heatpump, which had quit working in the middle of the night last night.He got ready for work in a 55 degree house this morning.
Hubbie called my cousin who is a heat & air man and then took off to meet #2 son on his mail route to get a key to his house so they could work on the heatpump.
I got a call from a customer who needed a cake for a birthday and wanted to know if I could bring it to a neighbor's apple house right away.
Luckily daughter and I were just getting ready to head out to an estate sale so we dropped off the cake on the way.
We didn't find anything at all at the sale and went on to Ingles to get a few things. Then daughter wanted to ride down and see the lot that #2 son has made an offer on.
In the housing development where the lot was we ran across a large flock of wild turkeys.
Lucky for me I always carry my camera. This is 4 of about a dozen turkeys that ambled up the mountain side when we stopped the jeep to make pictures.
After she dropped me off at home I had lunch and then put a heating pad on my neck for a while to try to relax the muscle that is causing me alot of pain today.
Hubbie came in and said they found a blown fuse in the inside unit of son's heat pump,lucky for him.
We watched a Duke/Maryland b-ball game which Duke won,before we headed outside to get something done around here on this nice sunny mid 40' s day.  Sadie thought it was still kind of cool and was enjoying the heated electric pet pad I put in her rocking chair.
I ordered this off e-bay several years ago when we had an older dog named Pepper that needed extra heat. Then I gave it to #2 son for Flash to use during the day in his doghouse on cold days. These worked so well I ordered another one when old Willie got cold and stiff . Now Sadie is the oldest dog we have so she deserves to have a heated pad to lay and snooze on. Although her position doesn't look all that comfortable today !
We moved the old desk from the barn to the basement so I can get it cleaned up and ready to move into my office. But after all that lifting I needed some more heat on my neck !!
Hubbie built a new firewood rack for the front porch.
D-in-love called and invited us back over to her house for a supper of chili tonight. We never turn down a free meal so chores were done early and as we walked over to their house I took this photo of some lingering clouds at sunset.

The chili was very good and really hit the spot on this cool evening.Thanks again d-in-love !
As we walked home I noticed this layer of clouds covering the moon and was surprised that this picture turned out this good.

Back at home we watched a UNC/NC State b-ball game which State won. At times this game was hard to watch being a UNC fan but at the end they made a game of it.
My neck is still hurting tonight but seems to be loosening up. I used to get these catches quite often,usually between my shoulders but this one is in the side of my neck and extends across my shoulder making it impossible to turn my head to the left.
At 11:00 it is 31 degrees with clouds but no rain is predicted.
January seems like it has been a very long month to me but maybe that is a good thing as I am usually complaining about how fast months go by and we still have almost another week in this January.
Thankful for today's blessings and grateful for a loving God.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Our weather has improved ---and it's even gonna get warmer for a few days. THEN--next Thurs/Friday--it will be cold again.. BUT--no ice or rain or snow this time!!!!

What has happened to your UNC basketball team? They used to win constantly... I'm always shocked when they lose...

Hope you had a blessed Sunday. We saw that moon on Sat. night --but didn't get any pictures this time.