Saturday, January 19, 2013


Had a very cold morning,it looked like it had snowed in the pastures there was so much frost. The flood waters had a thin layer of ice on them as did all my animal waterers that needed to be broken during feeding chores this morning. Hopefully the sunshine will warm enough so that they will not freeze back before everything gets a drink.
Market was slow but I am thankful for a couple good sales that came along and at least emptied my supply shelves.
This is my table at 1:00,only an hour left to sell all this !!

I took two large orders for rice filled neck wraps for next Saturday so the sewing machine will have to get some attention this week !!
After market I did some grocery shopping at a couple specialty stores that had some good sales,delivered an Avon order and stopped and did a much needed vacuum job in my van and ran it through the car wash to remove the salt that was on the roads yesterday morning.I still made it home at 3:30,actually early for me.
The day has been sunny but cool after starting off in the low 20's we made it up to  55  this afternoon.
After getting things unloaded and put away I walked up to the barn where hubbie has spent the afternoon making Snowball a closer pen to the barn so she can get plenty of sunshine on her arthritic joints and can't wonder too far from the warm barn. She was favoring one of her back feet this afternoon as she always does. Every winter we think she probably won't survive the cold weather,but so far the weather hasn't been too cold and she has done fine.
After chores hubbie and I relaxed for our restful Saturday evening.
Time for more decade memories as in January 1993 every Saturday was spent watching #1 son (looking downcourt in the pic) and #2 son playing youth basketball and their games were always on Saturday mornings. 
This has been a relaxing evening and an enjoyable one just to snuggle with my 4-legged kids and let the outside world take care of itself tonight.
It is 31 degrees at 10:30 so we are in for another cold night, but this is January.
Grateful to God tonight for my blessings and praying for our church youth trip this weekend,praying they have fun and stay safe.
Good Night and God Bless.

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