Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yuck, back to an early morning schedule this morning after almost 2 weeks of leisure mornings is tough. But both g-son and I made the best of it and fell right back into our routine.
There were 2 deputies at his school this morning.I wonder how long they will keep this up. At least it is getting the kids to know they are really friendly and are there to look out for them. One of them opened the van door for g-son to get out ,giving him a big smile and a friendly "good morning" making g-son smile and go skipping off to his  classroom.
I hurried through chores, did a weight lifting video and then started cooking. We have our first benevolence dinner to give a family at church today. One of our church members Cody Jackson died in his sleep Sunday morning. He had been having some health problems but only at age 68 this was very sudden.
We served lunch to the family before the visitation and service which started at 12:30 today.
I got home about 2:00 after cleaning up. The funeral was still going on as I passed the church on my way to pick up g-son at school this afternoon.
I spent the afternoon taking down Christmas decorations. G-son was sad to see the Christmas tree gone when we got back from school. But was glad to have more room to play with his new toys.
Hopefully I can get all the decorations down and be back to a normal routine next week. I am looking forward to that!
I spent the evening buried in monthly and year end paperwork along with paying weekly bills. My brain is tired tonight !!
The weather to begin the new year is going to be mild and still a bit up and down for the first week.
Next Tuesday is really looking good to me as I feel the damp coldness of the outside even inside tonight.

Sadly tonight I am sending prayers to the families of the 3 young victims of yesterday's wreck.
They are 3 young men, 2 of them brothers,one 17 and one 18. The other boy was a friend and was only 14 years old. The two youngest were students at TC Roberson High school,just across the county line in Buncombe county.
The car they were riding in which was a volvo,one of the supposedly safest cars on the road was totally destroyed in the head on collision.
Why God choose yesterday to call these young men home,we can only wonder, but I know they are in God's company this evening rejoicing with family and friends that have went on before them.
I can only imagine the over whelming grief these families are feeling tonight. I pray that somehow they can be comforted by the knowledge that God has a plan for all of us.
Join me in prayer for these families and friends.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

I will most certainly say a prayer for these young boys and their families. Maybe God called them now so they wouldn't have to suffer later on - "the good die found". Blessings

Anonymous said...


Far Side of Fifty said...

So sad..they were so young..:(

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