Monday, January 14, 2013


Woke to a very rainy morning. Hubbie took g-son to school while I sloshed through morning chores. The mud is getting deeper and deeper in the chicken lots,thankfully the lots are large enough for them to find some unmuddy ground to stand on.
After breakfast hubbie and I decided to go for a ride to check out some really cheap land for sale that #2 son was wondering about. Yep, I was right when I saw the price I said that was the steep side of a mountain and it definitely was. I don't think you could have stood up on most of the 3+ acres. The price has come down to $6,000.
The rain fall was still light so we  went to our favorite thrift shop to shop and donate. I have been putting aside all the jeans and clothing I can no longer wear since my weight loss started and daughter and hubbie also had added some nice things. I like this thrift shop as their store is very clean and well organized. Nothing is priced, it is a donation based thrift shop. Some of the bigger items have "suggested donation" marked on them but most things is up to you. It  supports a local church and their missions and is in Fletcher.
Hubbie loves this store because they have an entire room with every wall lined with books. Today he found 2 books ,5 old magazines and I found g-son a really nice pair of cowboy boots.
As the rain picked up and it was almost noon we headed for Sam's Club for our last stop. We had lunch there as we were both hungry (there goes my healthy eating for today!), as I had one of their all beef hotdogs.
We made it home just as the rain really picked up. We got things put away and rested until it was time to pick up g-son.
In the pouring rain I went early to school,hopefully so he wouldn't be playing out in the rain.
Back home he enjoyed his pizza we had brought him from Sam's and chilled until his dad came.
#1 son stayed for supper as d-in-love had early music practice at church tonight.
I did chores and emptied an inch of rain from the gauge with a light mist still falling and a prediction of maybe another inch tonight for our area.
Thankfully we haven't had the rain some of the surrounding counties have had as evidenced by these pics sent in to the local TV station.
A cold front has stalled out across the NC/Tenn. border and is dropping a lot of rain.
The cold air behind the front is causing ice and snow in parts of Tenn.
After son and g-son had supper and left hubbie and I relaxed for the evening.
With all the rainy weather we have had lately this saying definitely rings true around here.Especially as I watched g-son splash around in the mud puddles in the drive way trying out his new rubber boots he got for Christmas.
The temperature at 10:00 is 51 again tonight with light rain still falling. The cooler temperatures are supposed to begin reaching us tomorrow night.
This has indeed been a strange January so far !!
Thanking God tonight for the blessings of the day and loving Him more each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We have had so so so much rain here ---and tonight, we have freezing rain.. Not sure what we'll find when we wake up in the morning.... Crazy!!!!

Our temp at 9:00 (10:00 your time) is 29....

Don't suppose that your son will want that steep land --but that IS a good price...

Hope this freezing stuff stays away from you.


linda m said...

That is a great price for land but I wouldn't want to purchase land I can't stand up straight on. We had freezing rain on Saturday, now it is just bitter cold - high's only in the low 20's with low teens at night. This year is starting out as strange as last year. Blessings!

Gail said...

I love stores like that!

Stay on high ground. Our rain has passed and we are colllddddd!

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