Saturday, January 12, 2013


Yuck ,all this mud is depressing as I slide around trying to get feeding chores done before market this morning.
It is very warm,mid 50's at 8am today,wow, that's 10 degrees above the normal high. With the next two days of record breaking high temps predicted the apple farmers in the area are starting to get very worried that the trees will come out of their dormant state and they will loose another crop,two year crop loss's in a row would devastate many of the farmers in the area. The headline in today's paper read, "Farmers Pray for Cold Temperatures".
One lady that came through market said her daffodils were 4" tall already,I need to go home and look at mine.
Market was slow again today but I had a couple good sales so the day turned out well. Daughter came in after coaching a rec ball game which her team won and said last night's fifth quarter was a huge success. She said over 60 teenagers came,played games and ate until after midnight and then pitched in and helped them clean up before they left. She is already planning another fifth quarter in a couple weeks.
As the skies cleared and the sun came out the temperature went up. Maybe everyone is working outside today in this unseasonal weather.
After market I made a stop at Ingles for some Boar's Head cold cuts and  made it home really early.
Hubbie helped me unload then we watched the UNC/Florida b-ball game which UNC won,finally a conference W !!
I sat outside for a little while enjoying the record tying temperature of today. It has been 123 years since it has been this warm on this day.
Hubbie grilled us a couple rib-eye steaks from the butcher's shop and they were delicious.
Thankful for lazy Saturday nights !!!
As I searched for decade pics the other day I realized that it was in January 1943 that my dad adopted his then wife's daughter. And apparently they just changed her birth certificate to look like he was her father.
This letter came along with this birth certificate copy.
Apparently dad's wife was only 16 years old when she had Margaret and her sister who was married and lived in New York had raised her. There is a letter from another of his wife's sisters who lived in Michigan stating some facts that made me think this. Margaret would have been 15 years old when this adoption took place in January 1943.
I have searched every way I can think of to locate some information on my step sister but have consistently came up with nothing. I know she married a man with the last name of Rizzo and they had a son named John but that is all I know at this point. When I was very young I remember getting a New York style lacy,frilly Easter dress every year from Margaret,who my dad called "Rizzo". I would love to find her and talk with her about all the years of my dad's life that are a mystery to me.
This is a photo of Margaret, in maybe late teens or 20's.She would be 84 years old now.
 I know that there was a John Rizzo from New York that held a position in the Bush presidency that had about the same age and birthday that her son John Rizzo would have had but with so much security around white house staff I could never get any information about him.
Oh well I guess this is just another mystery that will go unsolved.

Relaxing evening spent with my 4-legged kids curled up on the couch watching TV.
Grateful to God tonight for the blessing of the day and looking forward to praising His name with my church family tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Been very warm here too, Marilyn. I've worked outside cleaning out flowerbeds for the past 2 days... Our Daffodils are about 2-3 inches tall... Gads!!!

BUT--cold weather is coming back tonight... Me??? I prefer the cold weather and would love to either have snow or sunshine.... ha

In reading about your genealogy mystery --I began to think of what people will do in 50+ years trying to figure out all of the gay/lesbian marriages, etc. AND--what about the operations where someone can change genders???? GADS---I hate this stuff.