Friday, January 4, 2013


Getting going on this Friday morning was slow for both me and g-son. He was actually in a daze most of the morning,even walking out the door without his backpack. When I called him back to ask if he needed it he laughed and said "why yes". Hopefully he clears his head soon when he gets to class.
I made a trip to Sam's Club after dropping him off. If you have a business account with them you can get in before they open at 10:00. I love going early because there is very few people there and everyone is intent on getting their purchases and getting on with their day.
I was home at 8:45 and ready for my routine morning.
After chores, breakfast and an exercise tape I took a walk in the nice sunshine. It was still 34 degrees but the sun was a nice welcome sight.
And the sky was a beautiful winter blue.

Back inside I baked cakes before I started cleaning the living room and changing all the rugs back to the normal ones.
D-in-love called and said her mom was sick and could I pick up g-son this afternoon at school.
I worked until it was time to go pick him up and my living room almost looks normal ,except some shelves are still empty while I decide what I'm going to put back on them.
When g-son and I got home I fixed him a personal pizza and while he ate I did some early chores.
Then he and I went out to the local high school to watch daughter coach the JV basketball team. G-son wasn't thrilled to go but he was a good sport and I think he actually enjoyed it. Especially the mango snow cone he got as we left.
Daughter's team lost in overtime to the Franklin team. The JV games are refereed by training refs and was shocked at how rough they let these girls get. Even after several minor injuries they never changed the way they called the game.
I was impressed with daughter's composure as she never said anything to either ref the whole ball game.
G-son and I came home to eat supper and finish chores while his dad helped hubbie clean the fan on our upstairs woodstove.
After I had supper I iced all the cakes I baked this morning. I imagine we will have a very slow market day tomorrow with the holidays over and everyone now watching their weight !!!
I listened to daughter's Varsity game on the radio and they lost badly. Sounded like they were truly over-matched in that one.
I am headed to an early bedtime tonight as I am tired from getting back into the early morning routine of the past 3 days.
Grateful to God for the gracious blessings of the day and asking for guidance in the days to come.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

She's your daughter, you've raised her right. I really think it's rude for coaches to argue with refs even when they make bad calls. Good job!